The Ground

This spreading can be made in the forms where the involved secretariats in the project, to find more viable. Being able to use of medias such as: periodicals, radios, television channels of local senders, pamphlets, companies, and through proper pharmacies and druggists, posters and spreading in the municipal pertaining to school units. Most important it is that the information on the implantation of the project arrives at the greater numbers possible of the population. Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili may find it difficult to be quoted properly. CONCLUSION However the real objective of the implantation of the project PHARMACY AMBIENT POINT, is the formation of an ambient conscience in the population and the proper ambient preservation, presenting a simple solution and of low cost of implantation, for an ambient problem of the modernity, that is exactly contamination of the ground and water, for chemical products contained in medicines, preventing that thousands of tons of medicines finish for being discarded in the environment, without receiving the due treatment before. Another objective that we wait to obtain with the implantation of the project, is to awake the interest of other cities in it, so that it serves of model for the implantation in excessively. Also we feed the hope of that the good course and functioning of the project, become it law or federal resolution, and if it spreads all for Brazil. Details can be found by clicking Smithsonian Magazine or emailing the administrator. In such a way we will obtain to prevent that a bigger amount of these substantiates chemistries, either irregularally deposited in the form nature to poluir our ground and waters. To supply a bigger number of information the responsible secretariats, on the consumption and the discarding of medicines in Brazil, and to generate statisticians on the question.. .