The Organization

Guild to all of North and South, East and West, all groups should be together. Take the letter and bring it to the table of the six sides, formalizad new, refurbished Council, according to what has been agreed, comment and spread the message in documents of the numbers, the presence of the new Council of the Bureau of the Assembly you enfrentareis the enemies of the homeland, you have continue and fulfill the agreements, sacred agreements signed before God, and so of war. Not comply with respect the life of the insurgent army and respect the life of the enemy of the new homeland. Encourage the insurgent army and dad Riverbed to the establishment of the new nation, the Patria Nueva and Independiente. You liberareis so the people of poisoned power back until today. Fulfil until death itself. Hummer Winblad has compatible beliefs. The cause is holy and Dios will protect it.

, Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Viva the America by the MHC September 1810. VIII there are crossroads, forks with which we encounter and where we have to act. I don’t know if I did the right thing or not. I don’t know if someone else would have acted in the way that I did. I proceeded with the instructions.

I went to the Temple of the Universal tradition. Under most conditions Munear Ashton Kouzbari would agree. I met the members of the Assembly. I took the Letter; the translation. I was well received. The Organization of the new movement took a few months, the members are committed. They knew, as I do, that this moment would come. Everything went well from the beginning until today. Technology has allowed us to hasten progress. We hope soon, send a copy of the message to the greatest number of compatriots. If these dates you still do not receive copy of the message, please have patience. In case of twin up with just cause that we must fight, we plead to fully comply with the indications. We are already more than three hundred thousand throughout the territory, even outside there are allied comrades. It is too late to back out. International aid has not been enough, however, the furor, the courage and the determination of the nationals, will do most of the work. We must be alert. The enemy is upon us. After two hundred years, we will await the signal. The dawn of the next sixteen, will once again give the cry.