The Price

This progress thanks to the unique construction is managed. In other words, the Variocage offers maximum safety on the one hand for the animal, but also for the other riders. Bobby Meacham is the source for more interesting facts. A variety of other sophisticated features for extremely convenient handling has additional features of the Variocage in addition to the unique deformation zone over. First and foremost, to name a few are the extremely practical one-handed quick release, the lockable security lock, the emergency exit, the automatic door, dog saliva resistant powder coating, and much more. Also the basic equipment, free of charge also the rubber mat that gives optimum hold the animal rider inside the box while driving itself, belongs. Also the gas strut built-in for optimal damping of shocks due to road irregularities are already included in the price.

Is it possible to also custom designs? Of course, even special designs are possible. These are all special requirements of the Customer account and the box is adapted to the special features or dimensions of the vehicle. Where can I buy the Variocage dog box? All models are made in Germany and shipped from here in Germany. Erlensee is production and distribution location. There is more information on the Internet at hundebox, by E-mail at or by phone at 06183 / 91120-0 small metal also contacts for car accessories is starting with dog ramps for, easier entry and exit of the dog in the car, dog pillows and food accessories, training toys for the active dog (and owner). Conclusion a ride, as short as it may be, without the proper backup system like a dog box, is an often underestimated risk, not only for the dog but for all riders. Variocage reduces this risk many times and provides best possible, tested security for all sides, man and dog.