Thousand Dollars

For the first time in history the troy ounce of gold rose to more than US $ 1,000 and oil at more than $US 110 barrel. This goes hand in hand with the collapse of the currency and the American economy. In 1979-80 revolutions anti-U.S. of Nicaragua and Iran made that an ounce of gold to fire from slightly more than $200 until just less than $700. This was then be dissipating until in June 1996 these prices fall then that IMF sold many ingots.

When you start the foreclosure crisis in North America many go running to gold. In November an ounce of the metal was at $800 and today has grown 25% more. Save on gold has high costs of storage and security, but do this is a measure that many go when falls the value and the banking interests of the main currency in the world. The dollar will remain low because Bush wants to avoid recession by reducing interest and having a currency underrated to be able to export more and import less. If before many Latin American currencies were much devaluaban against the dollar today happens the reverse. Original author and source of the article.