United Nations

To say that such acts ' selvagens' they are fruit of the lack of disciplines of estressados soldiers, is not to explain it swims. Talvs, the answers meet in the serious imperfections of the system created by the proper Americans: ambiguity of its leadership, insufficient control and notion of total null justice. In the fight against terrorists and Iraqian groups of resistance, the moral and legal standards had fallen for land. For more information see this site: HSBC. E, we saw the sarcastic declaration of the soldier Lynndie England, trying to explain simply that the soldiers (American) of Abu Ghraib had taken off photographs of the accumulated naked prisoners with plastic bags on the head, affirming: ' ' We found that funny then photos we had been tiradas' '. Its declaration, in insensitive tone, describing the abuse as a routine and to the times amused, but almost never, for it, is of the limits. All these consideraes, make in them again to reflect regarding what it is the WAR and for where walks the humanity.

One more time we see the power and the greed of that everything can and everything has, in the truth is its interests, wills and desires that prevail. As Christian e, cnscios of our mission in this world, we need to repudiate the acts that place our fellow creatures in animalescas conditions. Let us not delude in them: all this tram meets in the famous one and blinded desire of being able and ambition for them everything possible and is explained. Unhappyly, the expressive world-wide authorities, that possess the power, what they are making to findar these abominable and desumanos conflicts? the Organization of United Nations ONU what it is making? In more than five a thousand years of walked of the humanity it seems that the war and the atrocity had become the only forms for ' convivncia' human being. In this direction more tragic consequences will be each time: hunger, greed and destruction. E, in the logic of the domination takes advantage the principle: who conquest the power continues the cycle of the domain and destruction.

In the roll of all this intrigue, we, simple mortals are, with our dreams and will to coexist another type of world, however, we are obliged to walk in the convivncia of the hypocrisy of dominadores that everything can and everything they make on behalf of the power in which they are coated. Without forgetting to mention, in full electoral year, that exists many wolves dresses with lamb skin. Everything makes to arrive at the power, later that they had obtained it, history is another one. Who knows, in way to as many slips, rightnesss and errors, let us obtain to open a little our eyes and to modify some aspects of this fatigante history of the humanity.