Venezuelan Government

He pointed out that the study of Venezuelan scientists about these changing ecosystems, will contribute to better understand the evolutionary processes of life on the planet and the effect that leads to the deterioration of the ozone layer and global warming, it should be noted, as advertised, the Venezuelan Government fired its first scientific expedition to Antarctica. The team, supported by the Government and the Uruguayan Navy, aims to study flora and fauna climate phenomena of the white continent or South Pole.This purely scientific project is very important… (at the) continent belongs us to all mankind, and especially going to shed lights on the environmental issue, said Minister of science and technology, Hector Navarro during the program Alo President. The project cost of 1.2 million Bolivares Fuertes (approximately 558,000 dollars) and was financed with resources from the Ministry.We aim is to build on the Antarctic continent one base, a experimental station, a permanent research station in Venezuela. There are several countries that are interested in cooperating with Venezuela, said Navarro, but not said when it might build. 15 Members, civilian and military, will sail for 45 days on an Uruguayan Navy ship exploring the atmospheric variations. There is a defect on the occasion of global warming, it is producing a decrease in the thickness of the ice cap there in Antarctica, said Navarro.

According to previous research in this area is saved between 80% and 90% of the planet’s fresh water, is a zone non polluted and large reserves of food, according to official press release. Be present as it cites him., Antarctica contains 90% of the ice from the land and 70% of freshwater reserves. Glaciers are formed in areas where accumulates more snow in winter which melts in summer. Antarctica and Greenland are currently the only continental glaciers. If the surface Antarctic is blown, sea levels would rise up to 108 m.