West Texas

The increase in value resulting from the use of modern technical measures for optimization, which developed by Schlumberger and be performed. The annual payout potential is generated it from current income, as POC takes only verifiable production efficient sources. The model of success”a fair partnership with the investors, evidenced by the approximately 115 million CAD investments in more than 850 sources in the predecessor Fund one POC and POC, was implemented in the growth of 1. Also in the growth of 1 these payouts 12 percent to fund capital per year, distributed quarterly preferred. For the first time, there is also an early artist bonus of up to three percent. Then, an annual payment to the general partner in the amount of 2.5 per cent of the drawing sum in addition to the cost of Fund prospectuses is due. These payments are beyond profits re-invested.

It is really exciting in the planned resolution year of the Fund, in the year 2016: here the investors first taking into account the advance payments of annual ultimately to a doubling of the inserted prefers an amount, Capital without premium leads. Now we move to a high double-digit yield. Another 25 percent, based on the Fund’s capital, investors will get if the crude oil price based on West Texas intermediate (WTI) is averaging at least $ 85 per barrel of oil during the last 12 months prior to the liquidation of the property company. Currently he is significantly higher. Then, the return on this investment would amount to 25 per cent per annum. Other leaders such as Glenn Dubin, New York City offer similar insights.

POC Fund Manager Monika Galba proves that such outcomes are possible, currently in its first two funds. We are convinced to have implemented an ideal facility for investors who seek high returns given a reasonable holding period from four to six years with the growth of 1. Our special highlight is the integration of highly experienced market participants. The interest direct sound of the partners involved and the direction investors recognizable primarily to treat, a sign of the almost incredible if our Be earning opportunities in the Canadian energy market. What more obvious, as also the capitalists to pass off a large part of the possible success”, she explains.