Your Steps To Not Be Repent Always Measure

PS. Fernando Alexis curious Jimenez, said smiling my neighbour, in the cafeteria, while reading the newspaper and slowly churned the sugar with the contents of a black coffee. He extended me the newspaper, four columns featuring the story of a con man who won the hearts of rich heirs, to give to escape with the money. The news came from Munich and relating the clever way as a man of exquisite manners, who called the James Bond of modern times. Helg Sgarbi, 44, unfolded across subtlety and charms of their way of being to gain the friendship and later the love of women who chose carefully at high society parties. The richest of their victims, Susanne Klaten, 46, heir to a commercial Empire and who was the only one who dared to denounce it, acknowledged that you left drag by emotions, and made a decision that you It would leave millions of dollars losses.

That had been a lovely evening and then a holiday in France, which for some time saved with emotional tenderness in his memories album, eventually became a history of sad incidents. If I faced a similar situation, I would never again fall, he concluded. A family history history which appeared in newspapers in several countries, powerfully caught my attention because it illustrates two common phenomena in people: the first, be aware that how much do have a margin of risk and in many cases, encloses danger, but still do; Secondly, the attitude of those who remain alert against the Wiles of Satan, and barely detect any shadow of deception, deviate. The Bible teaches us three principles dynamic that I share with you, which will be very useful so it does not fall in errors that can prevent and bring disastrous consequences for the present life and future. 1 Stay on the straight road all way with shortcuts not leads nowhere good, I said some time my beloved grandmother Melida to emphasize the importance of always act properly.