British English

5. Do not give the customer the service for which you were hired you know more than the client, you're cooler than you like him and certainly much better than his, so, although the client will hire you to translate a given British English text, you decide, your free will, give an American version. Also, do not argue or show him your opinion, you just do it. You will be happier and your customer will have a better text. 6. Show your emotions, as you appear.

If you're angry, even if you are visiting a client or talking to him on the phone (they do not comply with point 4), show it to your client. And if you're angry with him because he does not listen (and not comply with point 5), does not make sense beware the anger, reveal it as you come and stay calm. 7. Do your chores. It does not deliver work on time (see point 2). Run errands, go out and purchase, making the bed, pick up the kitchen, smoke a cigarette, all this is much more important, everything has to be done but you have given the customer a delivery date and already completed.

Or is that your customers will be more important than you? 8. Spend the level of your favorite video game Mmmmm. Your favorite video game is waiting in the lounge. This level can not bring you down the road of bitterness and you have to pass. It will take hours, days, weeks, spend a certain game. Do it, is the easiest way to fail as a freelance translator. 9. Watch TV While many people say is that during the day there is nothing on TV. Bullshit. Turn on the TV and zapping in the pursuit of that program that will fill the morning hours watching television. There are programs in the morning that neither could imagine. 10. Devote time to your hobby and if you do not choose one that has nothing to do with your profile as a translator and enjoy it all the time you leave the point 7, 8 and 9. Even the time you should devote to your clients. 11. And when you get tired, lie down. No matter the thousand or up to bed early, or throw a big nap. Anyway, the thing is sleep. Spend all day yet spend your hobby or your favorite video game is very tired. Rest. 12. Take charge of a language that is not your forte. You translator, German, Portuguese and Italian. What difference does that work either charge you French? You are able to do so and if not, find a colleague you do so. Or if you're specialist medical translations and someone asks you for a legal translation, should not be too hard to understand all these technical legal. And if not, covered by paragraph 5, invent texts. No one will notice. Well, broadly speaking, we have listed 12 ways to derail your work as a freelance translator. However, there are many more. Are you going to remedy? Dixit, and Interpretation began its activity in 1997 offering its clients comprehensive services of translation, interpretation and revision of texts, with a team of highly qualified professionals, with the guarantee of an impeccable job.