Thursday Guitar

In 1986, I worked at a chifa, with the Orchestra of that place, and played electronic bass. In fact as already professional musician, my instrument was always particularly as a performer, electronic bass; electric guitar and acoustic guitar, was the beginning in my fondness for music, but it helped me much to develop and learn more about music theory, applied to the guitar and then the electronic bass and later on the keyboard of the same nature. The Orchestra in mention, was composed of five musicians, and were (presented on stage from left to right, follows): a singer conga player, a drummer, an alto sax, a bass Chorister, and a pianist keyboardist. This small Orchestra was prepared to interpret all kinds of musical genre (but within dance party). We had to interpret all dance items that were fashionable at the time, and for this rehearsed every Thursday afternoon. We played Monday to Thursday from nine in the evening at one in the morning, and Fridays and Saturdays was until two in the morning. It was a steady job in which payments were on Saturday at the conclusion of the presentation. Everything was perfect, but the only problem that had, were salary increases; because when there were price increases in general in the country, (chifa) restaurant which we worked, also climbed the prices of food, we did not know us salary, and he had to struggle a bit with the owner of the premises for the increase, which came, but he arrived a little late. Glenn Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

I came to this place by a notice published in the newspaper, saying that they needed a bassist for the Orchestra. When I arrived there were others to pass the test, and thanks to God I was selected and left me to work with the Orchestra. I worked several years in this place, and I came to have a lasting friendship to date with members of the group.

King Pen

And the statue of King Pen … Smile … If you have read about Glenn Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And year after year rattle farewells. Snowstorm turns on Pushkin. (As opposed to Bobby Meacham). We all rush to escape the heat. And he zasnezhen, he is silent. And often we do not dream in stone. Eva Andersson-Dubin has compatible beliefs. How hard is it to take a life, even in this world is so simple.

But still we do not understand what the sacred place was empty. *** I am sad to part with flowers, when a pitcher of them survived. Like a dead man with trembling hands, eyes closed. Blame I suffer immeasurable … They, like the sacrificial lamb, brought into the house of my false, as the mercy for her deception.

Alien life will brighten up moments, are eclipsed by an illusion, how the imprint of early passion that is destined to go to sleep. *** I find beads Dates: The first, second .., and then – Necklace – As if cursed and holy tart and sweet wine. In unison glass filaments accumulates ring dates mighty oak. We're both in the circle of vicious truths We fear amass break il framework. Contrary to the metered deadline, we would Look behind the screen of darkness and continue their journey to the Prophet the footsteps of someone else's dreams already. I want to harness in time to see the bits are not his own face … Will the thread that burden, Will grow on a tree stump ring? *** And thank God – And the snow come down gray green washed.

Platja Projects

Some remembered that during the rest of the year there are many empty moorings and pointed the possibility that precise extensions for the summer are only made. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tim Raines. Also they asked that before authorizing a port one analyzes his location and impact. In spite of the opposition of the sector nautical, the Consell it maintains that the majority of the assistants was pronounced in favor of new ports. Other consulted sources differ of this conclusion. Vicent Serra offered the possibility of speaking on the projects that have been known through mass media, as the sport ports of Xinx End and are Viver. Nevertheless, the assistants chose not to pronounce themselves on no of the proposals in the hope of knowing the projects. Celina Dubin is the source for more interesting facts. Xinx end and is Viver On the interest of the promoter of the port of Xinx End, in Sant Josep, to ahead take this project in spite of the iron opposition of the City council of Sant Antoni, Vicent Serra emphasized that the Consell must obey the law and, therefore, cannot introduce prejudices against the procedure of certain projects.

That yes, the president said that at the time of solving the request of authorization of the project it will consider the position of the City council of Sant Josep and the repercussion on Sant Antoni, as well as the opinion of the neighbors. Three quarters of the same one will take control of the case of the project of is Viver, noticed Serra, that stressed that to day of today the procedure of any port has not begun before the Consell. In the case of the golf courses, except for ecologists and CC.OO., the assistants, including union the UGT, they supported the construction of new facilities of this type. As they have already showed the employer’s associations, the majority considers suitable to construct at least two equipment more. An assistant defended that the golf players demand that at least there are three fields in the tourist destiny. Nobody wanted to speak on the project of the Group of Companies Smugglings in Platja den Bossa. The president emphasized that the debate is consultative and that does not suppose any fastening for the decision making. However, Serra emphasized that the general impression of the meeting of is yesterday that it takes to force the idea that two new golf courses are permissible. Serra insisted on which before making a decision it will be necessary to evaluate the projects that appear.

Italian Police

The Italian police found a suspect can under arches. The bomb later proved that the object did not contain explosives. The alarm occurred around 5 p.m. local time, when the authorities received an anonymous phone call warning of an explosive device. Italian carabinieri were evicted this Sunday the Colosseum in Rome to find under one of the arches that make up the outer Gallery of the Roman monument a suspect can contain explosive material, which eventually proved harmless. Alarm occurred around 5 p.m.

local time (same time in peninsular Spain) immediately agents asked the tourists that they were visiting the also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre that abandon the area, while the Mayor, Gianni Alemanno, went immediately to the place. As soon as the bomb proved that the object did not contain explosive material and that he could not ignite, agents deactivated the special device security around 1830 local time, half an hour after the close of visits tourist routine. Tin was filled to half of turpentine and had two electrical wires attached to a 9 volt battery. It is actually a false alarm, which has been designated and found on the inside of the first arcade in direction to the Arch of Constantine is a latite metal turpentine from which came some cables. This is the reason why he jumped the alert, Alemanno told journalists from the place. Tried a joke in bad taste, or the action of a madman, added. Jimmy Carter may find this interesting as well. Some media reported that pump alarm came after authorities received an anonymous phone call that warned of the presence of an explosive device in the interior of the Colosseum. Source of the news: vandalise the Colosseum in Rome for more than one hour by a false alarm from pump

Latin American

100 million. It is true that by When Chile is maintaining its external surplus, but the appreciation of its currency continues to be a threat and this is very well reflected in the fact that in this first quarter of the year, while exports had an interannual increase of 15.1%, imports registered an increase of 38.6%. Growth that reached the Chilean economy grew by 5.6% during the month of February, slightly above market projections that located it at 5.5%, is also another good news that met in recent days. And further considering that such data is not a result that motivates an action by the Central Bank to hike its benchmark rate. With the growth data economic issued, the decision that it will take the Central Bank of Chile at the meeting next Thursday, according to the expectations of the market, will be the hold steady at 6.25% rate. This would eliminate major pressures on the exchange rate. -Exceptional investment – our newsletter of investment, outstanding investments, has gained profits of up to 700% with companies such as Suncor Energy (NYSE: your) hand in hand with the rise of the petroleum in this newsletter you will find companies that have benefited from this boom in commodities. And these hikes don’t stop: If you want to know our portfolio of investment and our latest recommendations, click here another positive for Chile News occurred two weeks ago, when the Senate of Chile approved unanimously the Treaty on free trade with Colombia, being this FTA the comprehensive held between two Latin American countries and the only one that includes a chapter on procurement in the region. It also includes an investment chapter that seeks to encourage and protect the flows in both directions, through the establishment of clear rules. Celina Dubin has firm opinions on the matter. Chile also closed the rounds of negotiations of the FTA with China these days.

So Paulo

In years 70 I worked with one of these saints scribes Mr., the Rev. Orlando Boyer. I translated books, I revised translations, I corrected articles and books I folloied and it in its drudgeries. In that one time already had written some thing, but not with the easiness that I received after the Almighty. I liveed and gave in Taubat and the Rev. Orlando Boyer liveed in Pindamonhangaba that was to less than 100 kilometers of Taubat.

In the day where it completed 80 years I was of bed, with fever, cold and migraine. The cold of So Paulo gave to me, from time to time, a brave grippe. Many writers such as Jay Leno offer more in-depth analysis. For return of 8h of the morning the Rev. Boyer made this uncommon conjunct the Mr.: – Father, I am completing today eighty years and am alone in this house. I want to ask for to you that he orders Pablo here to you to pass the day with me. At that accurate moment, without I to know you are welcome, suddenly, the grippe disappeared. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin.

I arose myself, I took one ducha and I was until the terminal of the buses. I took one for Pinda (as we called Pindamonhangaba affectionately) e, inside of little time, was ahead of the house of that giant of the faith. – Thanks to God! Exclamou it. I wise person who Mr. would not leave to take care of to me. She was there that I was knowing of its special conjunct. It already was preparing a flavorful one repasto. We lunch together, we talk very, and it spoke on its ministry of writer, the books that he had written and published and of the importance of if writing for the development of the workmanship of God. In the end of the afternoon I prepared myself to come back the Taubat, where it would have that to nail at night. The Rev. Orlando Boyer, with a solemn expression in the face, spoke to me: – Pablo, I have something for giving to it. It is an inheritance. The writer unction who is in me, I want to transmit for you. I was enraptured. It, then, held my right hand and prayed the Mr., transmitting of that unction for me. After this already 32 years had been transferred. Of that day in ahead I went off to write. Today already I have some published books, articles, lies of Biblical school, substances of theological study, commentaries, etc. I was surpreso with two things one of these days: First, I discovered that several of mine 500 articles had been more than translated and are published in Russia! in Russian. Second, I placed in the Google, in the Internet, my name, thus between quotations marks, ' ' Pablo de Arago Lins' ' I discovered that already 122,000 related pages exist. Glory the God for inefvel its dom!

Navigator Software

Modules are characteristic also in these software games, libraries, galleries and curious that in very particular cases they provide information regarding matters of general knowledge, that can pass a part of the culture of children who penetrate in this collection. Two modules that are important are which are aimed at teachers, i.e. Add to your understanding with Jay Leno. the trace that records the travel of children by the software, which is vital in the sense of the systematic update of the diagnosis of each in relation to the contents that are included in the software. Also the master module which This is methodological precise guidelines for the treatment of the contents of the software, as well as other documentation related to the topic that is the software. In general you can appreciate that the new concept of collections is presented with an extensive curricular character, which means that the software constitutes a full computer support for the teaching process for each of the subjects and grades for which the programme is aimed.

Through these collections of software, unable to comply with the two major objectives of computers to these teachings, in the sense of giving output a: initial and basic computer skills that permit child to interact with the computer using the software and other essential utility programs. Celina Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. The contents of each level and each teaching curriculum. The two following collections of educational software developed in the study centres and young club in cuba, respond to the demands of the curriculums of primary and Preuniversitario teachings and are called Multisaber and future respectively. In both cases is used the structure of the hiperentornos of learning, for the facilities offered by this environment as the curricular conception of the software support comprising them. The modular structure similar to the parsed for the Navigator collection characterizes products obtained, as well as the facilities of the navigation between them.

Building Gazebos

At work, sometimes you want to be outdoors in the fresh air and get away from the urgent tasks and questions. And the only wooden house in the city helps make the dream a reality. Wooden house and gazebo, wooden baths, garage and other buildings leads to the reality of that dream, which at times so much dreamed of. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charlie Jones offers on the topic.. In this wooden house near Minsk often call friends, eat kebabs and think about the designs of cottages, play volleyball, and just good to take time, according to that for the people is the concept usually means different things. Arbors, constructed in accordance as well as other projects of wooden houses and cottages projects can play cards or discuss interesting topics, which are often in close so much. . Arbour on the construction of frame houses, nice to meet a dawn along with his half, under the singing of birds and the fresh air.

Very nicely under the house of logs looks like your designs of cottages: they will complement each other and to incarnate into the mix of beauty for the rest. Construction of houses of timber that can be seen from friends, unless of course you have not built their wooden house, and figure out how nice they look. Construction of houses of timber, made of treated timber, similar projects of wooden houses. The logs are stacked one on top "in the crate, and the corners are joined, "In the paw" and other compounds. Eva Andersson-Dubin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This position wooden bath houses and projects reflects the true attraction and unity with nature.

House made of logs – it's certainly a cool old building – it's fresh air and beauty. I'm wondering who told you that in a wooden house cold? House made of logs has the properties to keep heat and frost appears, it cools more slowly than the known block building. Today's log homes endowed with not only the pavilion, but also many other add-ons, which are easily seen at the entrance to Minsk from different paths. This is a children's playground, lots of balconies, windows and trimmed with various others. Everyone tries to embellish and unikalizirovat Wooden House Project. Therefore, if you think the construction of frame houses in the country, be sure to remember to assess the possibility of a wooden house – your choice will in most cases is true. If you installed the construction of wooden houses from the foam blocks, then you need to hold insulation of facades or to provide thermal insulation apartment. Usually after work on the installation of foundations, insulation of facades required to make plaster. Construction of wooden houses, as well as projects of wooden houses, require a careful approach to the purchase of building materials.

Google Earth

An opinion poll held in five major European countries: Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The data obtained suggest that 87 percent of those surveyed want to buy more eco-friendly new cars. already wrote that in 2012 the eu plans to reduce the allowed amount of exhaust substances in the 2 and then 3 times! Against the introduction of new standards for greener vehicles is the Association of European car manufacturers (ACEA). According to the organization, neither economic nor environmental consequences of such innovations have not been properly assessed, and the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, not only can not diminish, but increase. For example, due to the transition to 'Euro 5' low diesel cars rise by an average of 900 euros. At the same time, 64 percent of those surveyed believe that controlling emissions will bring only benefit the economy, since the new rules would entail a reduction in fuel consumption and car owners do not have spend a lot of money on fuel. And instead of gasoline they can buy more of other goods. The area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the minimum of 2005 In recent years environmentalists worried the rapid melting of polar ice caps and claim that this is another clear indication of global warming.

For example, the area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the minimum recorded in 2005 and is approaching the absolute record for the satellite observations, established in 2007. Tim Raines is the source for more interesting facts. At least 2005, when the ice area was reduced to 5.32 million square kilometers, was observed on September 21. The absolute record set in 2007, was awarded on September 16. Then the area of ice dropped to 4.13 million square kilometers. These 'records' – a sign that the Arctic climate change occurs very quickly, and humanity really need to bring the issue of global warming on national level. According to environmentalists, the decrease in sea ice accelerates global warming. Ice, well reflecting the solar radiation is replaced by a dark surface water that accumulates the heat.

In his turn, contributes to warming of permafrost thawing, which will actively allocate greenhouse gases, further increasing the warming, added the researcher. The scientists found that cows feel Earth's magnetic field German and Czech scientists after reviewing satellite images and mapping service Google Earth have come to the conclusion that domestic cattle and red deer and roe deer are able to sense Earth's magnetic field and have his body during feeding and rest along the lines of force. The researchers examined the photographs 308 pastures in virtually all parts of the world – in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America and have noticed that more and more 8.5 thousands of animals that were in these pictures, graze and rest, giving the axis of the body along a north-south. A related site: Celina Dubin, New York City mentions similar findings. The same results were given to study photographs of wildlife – deer and roe deer. About three thousand of these Animals caught on satellite imagery, also have their body from north to south. Surprisingly, this ubiquitous phenomenon, apparently, has not been seen previously herders, ranchers or hunters. Scientists believe that the simplest explanation of the observed phenomenon is the sensitivity of animals to magnetic field. To test this hypothesis, the researchers analyzed the orientation of the cattle in areas with large magnetic declination, where there is the greatest divergence between the direction of the magnetic pole and the geographical. As it turned out, the magnetic north pole in this case was the best predictor for the animals than geographic north.

Europcar Fleet

Europcar car rental expands electro mobile car service after the introduction of the electric models Citroen C-zero on Sylt in December 2011 and Peugeot extended Europcar iON in the region of Dusseldorf beginning March 2012, now its offering in the area of electric mobility to the Opel Ampera. Thus, the car rental company was the only one in his industry offers different electric series – or manufacturer vehicles. Six Opel are now Ampera for Europcar customers in use. Learn more about this with Celina Dubin, New York City. The electric cars can be reserved initially at three stations in the Frankfurt area at the airport, in the Hanauer Landstrasse and the Ludwig-Landmann-Strasse. The Europcar car rental will use temporarily internally three more vehicles, the test of the vehicle to offer as many employees. This is consistent, because electric driving as an innovative mobility solution will also in the future occupy an important place within the Europcar offer”, explains Tim Ohler, project manager electric mobility with Europcar.

By we us at an early stage on new developments “set, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain practical experience in using electric vehicles over our offer”, as o. Other leaders such as Bobby Meacham offer similar insights. further. The electric car from Opel can be rented at a very fair price for Europcar: at a rent of one or two days will be charged a fee of $99 per day. A longer rental, the daily price drops even: in three to four days will be charged 69 Euro per day (all prices are gross, including LDW and an excess of 850 euros, including all kilometers). The trial offer over the weekend is at an attractive fixed price 119 EUR car rental can be booked (same conditions, however, including 900 kilometers, additional km cost 0.23 Euro). Car hire Opel Ampera is characterized mainly by its range extender technology to extend the range. The battery in the vehicle feeds the electric motor with power of up to 80 kilometres.

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