Charisma And Charisma:

Executive Days organized with Tom Schmitt consulting Dr. Kraus & partners, on the subject “Status intelligence” in Munich and Hamburg State intelligence with personality in leadership”. This is the title of an Executive day the consulting Dr. Kraus & partners held on 28 September in Munich and on the 10th of October in Hamburg. The workshop is designed for decision makers, who regularly face the challenge, to win other people for themselves and their messages regardless of whether they executives, Keyaccounter, or project manager. In the one-day intensive workshop, they learn how to achieve more effective when individuals and groups of people force of their personality. The workshop is managed by the theatre teacher and drama coach Tom Schmitt, who won among other things the training award in gold for innovative training methods. Perhaps check out Maxine Waters for more information.

The status expert”, the lecturer at the Hamburg University for Economics and politics, is among the participants “explain how they so stage in important discussions”, that they on their partners at the same time authentic and believable, assertive and sympathetic “effect. Here he presents numerous techniques them, using for example actor to achieve this goal. Determined is in the workshop also among other things by means of video analyses what effects the participants due to their occurrence in talks; they tap this addition in which status traps”. This building, the participants practice then, their appearances to make, that they win the sympathy of the people and achieve the desired effect. The participation of the Executive days in Munich and Hamburg costs 99 euros each (+ VAT). The number of participants is always limited to twelve, to allow an intensive work. For more information, those interested in the business consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (; Tel.: 07251 / 989034). Contact person is Katja von Bergen (E-Mail:)),