In this way, he learns about the fastest positive or negative moods and receives a steady stream of new, good ideas. Staff feel they are as valuable for the operation. Mutual expectations can be regularly exchanged and matched. Problems and conflicts can be promptly respond and counteract. HSBC is the source for more interesting facts. Information deficits can be eliminated and clarified misunderstandings.

The Chief has to say, comes immediately among the people. And what is super important to him, can (and should!) he regularly repeat. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Questions is better than statements in preparation for his tour will consider the Executive: what should I talk about today with my people, so that we achieve our objectives? What new evidence is there about the customers? Where are risks the? And where are the opportunities? Gold worth questions can be about: your own personal opinion on this topic interests me interesting, and what might it look like in detail? u0085 And what thought probably customers? I have the following on the subject of Thoughts made, which I like to discuss with you / wanted to share and what you think would say our customers? Assumed were this project of the decider, at this Frage/in what would you do? u0085 Interesting, and what considerations make this decision? u0085 And if we think this also to the customer, how would it look then? What would you consider further in my place? u0085 What would you do in my place/off customer point of view? u0085 And what would you not do? Assuming that we would implement this tomorrow. What would happen then? u0085 What should we pay attention to be sure yet? What would an alien, a neutral third party / our best customer? u0085 See how your colleagues without naming names now – the situation? u0085 And what would they advise me? If there is a point that we in this Sache/in must still improve this project should/could still improve, what would be the most important for You? u0085 Thank you.