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The pressure to succeed increases strong importance to the financial industry by the financial crisis on all sectors of the financial industry – so it is a challenge for the marketing, to measure successes and to demonstrate its importance. “The current study marketing and marketing success control in the investment industry” the coming Alpha consultancy shows how the industry of the subject takes care of. Reuters describes an additional similar source. For this, 93 executives, managers and experts from the investment industry were interviewed. The study clearly shows that a strong importance in the investment industry attributed to the topic of marketing and its success control. Individual marketing objectives are evaluated to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the measures. So use today already 72 percent of surveyed instruments of the success control, such as, for example, the documentation of Internet activities and customer deadlines.

The PR area is a screenings by 64 percent of those polled. A holistic and systematic marketing success control on the basis of strategic marketing decisions be taken, but fails. Measures such as customer surveys to identify such as branding and positioning to review the marketing goals are not enough used. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this. “, Clemens Schuerhoff, is managing partner of advent alpha set. In the investment industry, there is need for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the marketing objectives and to optimize individual measures. Marketing budgets are slumped in the wake of the financial crisis to an average of 16 percent. Overall, the experts look but positive in the future.

According to them, the marketing budget rise by 22 percent by 2012 back to the level of 2008 the expected increase in the budget is the development of coordinated marketing activities enable success controls occupy an important position in which should. “, says Tanja Zimmermann, head of marketing coming alpha.” “The study marketing and marketing success control in the investment industry” with detailed information about possibilities of success control. ../Kommalphastudien.php can be downloaded on the website of coming Alpha under free instruments and objectives. Contact Tanja Zimmermann + 49 511 3003468-2 be alpha institutional Consulting GmbH ship Graben 17 30159 Hannover fax + 49 511 3003468-9