Dominican Republic

The creativity of the Dominican artisans manages to fully utilize the properties of this gem, with its physical characteristics and their colors that seem to reproduce all the nuances and the brilliance of the Caribbean. The different stages of the craftsmanship are traditionally: or selection of crude stones. or study to determine its use. or carving and cutting to sketch models. or polished with sandpaper and paste for brightness.

or final cleaning made with care more demanding. or crimp to mount stones in precious metal. The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the world that boasts the existence of genuine amber, being the port city silver the more possessed of this exotic stone forming part of this island. This City is called the Amber Coast for being one of the places in the Dominican Republic where amber occurs. Dominican amber has a wide variety of presentations in terms of colors, sizes and shapes. The beauty of Dominican amber really love to view; found in a wide range of colors among which stands out the beige and Brown being the most common. Other beautiful presentations of the amber are in green and blue.

Amber from the Dominican Republic is renowned for the diversity of inclusions it contains. Amber, scientists lovers and collectors alike value Dominican amber for three rare treasures, which are Scorpions, lizards and frogs. Probably they exist only 30 to 40 Scorpions, 10 to 20 lizards and 8 to 9 frogs around the world. A piece of Dominican amber that was discovered in 1997 was valued at more than $50,000. It contained a small frog, preserved in a magnificent way. The occurrence of insects in Dominican amber is 10 times higher than in Baltic amber. Dominican amber is also 90% more transparent. Another important fact about Dominican amber, which makes it highlight regarding the amber found in other regions, is the variety of colors that has, from a pale yellow to a deep red, and even some blue, a very strange variety, and an extremely rare smoky green.