Difficult subject but I believe (after very relutar) that truths exist that nothing add and that they would not have to be shared In contrast, they provoke pains and ressentimentos that do not provide no evolution for nobody, therefore are served more as stuffed said an overwhelming and intermittent torture that a facilitador in verborragias of ' ' sincerocdio' '. The subject is controversial if we will be to think restrictively and I am not here raising flag some, much less greeting the lie convenient I raise here (and I have policed to take care of to this my will) concerning the silence that respects the other the omission that prevents the tears and the constaint or unreliability We have that to fight for the right not to hear what it does not need to be heard! To the times we know that we will not have more personal or professional contact with the other, and seems that in rule the human being instigates, wants to know what it will not need more I perceive that it has much useless information going up to around the world and I also am part of this dissemination! He is immature to speak impulsively and to say subjects that do not have importance and they do not change feelings nor facts only provoke pinpricks that can shake the autoconfiana of who hear. Others including Eliot Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. I adore the words and I believe the essencialidade of many of them, since that to locate itself If not, they are really unnecessary and disharmonous. To invest in valid and constructive intentions valley the penalty! When I feel impetus to go off words as if were shots of 12, breathe deep and callus almost biting me language because I believe that to save the other (exactly when I believe that I have reason), I seem me a love act that I need to exercise the silence that accepted the merit as the thing most natural of the world constitutes most thundering aplauso*. about that I have thought on the true essential language for the soul Ana Luiza ' ' Silence is one of the arguments most difficult of if rebater.' ' (Josh Billings) *Ralph Waldo Emerson