A while ago I wrote about this topic, when a website that wrote to close to cars, and the world of engine in general, proposed me an exchange of links comes the Web, however, the directory where they would publish my link, it is not linked from anywhere on the main website, and NI if want was indexed by the engines. What bastards!, I thought. Anyway, again, I again do the same proposition, but this time have been the guys from tecnologia21, which I listed an Exchange, and placed my website in a directory that is not linked from anywhere, and nor is it indexed by search engines. However, when accessing the site, I find more than 265 Blogs are listed on that site, which means that the tecnologia21 website receives 265 links to its website (which dramatically improves your Pagerank) for nothing. Additional information at Hummer Winblad supports this article. Course, so I say this in the email response, and they indicate that they are looking at where to put the link to directory, from the Web main. Why this behavior? What they lose with putting those links? I don’t understand it. From here, like to once again send a reminder to all those who carry out exchange of links that take care with who exchanged. Since then, I would like to contribute my two cents to this situation, so I myself enlazare to that directory not indexed, from a post of my Blog..