Executive Board

New industry guide AG with ambitious assessment approach for online portal. Anyone who committed on our platform and in the interest of all customers and consumers through reviews will help others should need to do nothing,”explains Hans fur, the Managing Board of new industry guide, the unique concept of the company. Among the most active evaluators new industry guide AG is giving away regular interesting prizes, such as cards for formula 1, interesting exhibition and theatre events or a visit to the Oktoberfest? Raffles and prices are published under each in the future. To avoid anti-competitive reviews or intentional negative reviews, the new industry guide AG focuses on her editorial team. “Hans-Gunter fur:” we will try to check all reviews editorially. Should a company feel unfairly valued, extends an E-mail and our editorial staff will be active.” Black sheep have little chance at the concept of the new industry guide AG. Join worth also for companies who actively updated, whether corporate or product data among its data automatically the winners – it, because the company in the listings in searches earlier or because then a company representative can win one of many prizes.

Companies that keep their data current in the interest of customers, help us on the way to the leading valuation and business directory portal, explains Hans fur Executive Board new industry guide the new concept of the branchenbuch.ag.”with the principle of timeliness, we avoid to the one, that is our portal to an address grave, on the other hand we must bear not strictly this in an alphabetical order”, which in turn comes our customers benefit,” as Hans-Gunter fur. So who updated its data at the new industry guide AG, listed better searches. Who keeps its data in the online yellow pages always up-to-date, be it the address and/or but the product data, appears in the listings in searches earlier than this just don’t do it. Connect with other leaders such as Hummer Winblad here. Since the concept of the new industry guide AG is a review portal with integrated electronic yellow pages, meaningful and up-to-date company data from all sectors for the acceptance by the users are very important. To motivate the entrepreneur for this principle of timeliness, but also to reward, the respectively most active take part in a raffle of new industry guide AG. See, raffles and prices for each in the future.