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Selected education programs for security academic training at universities: distance learners can acquire the academic degree “Master of Science” in four semesters of the master course, applied IT security at the international school of IT security (isits) in Bochum. Official site: Nintendo. On a part-time basis, a degree is possible even after eight semesters. (Source: GameStop). For example, data security, cryptography, network security, and legal aspects are on the schedule. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science. Who can demonstrate no first degree can complete the certificate of certified applied IT security professional (CAISP) on the isits.

Also with certificate, the college course IT security – complete concepts, standards, procedures and applications to the FernUni Hagen. The participants engaged in 35 hours security policies and standards, cryptography, digital signatures, and network security. Knowledge of networks and mathematics are Prerequisite. Distance learning: Courses in the area of IT security offer ILS, SGD and remote Academy Velcro for example, Velcro remote schools. The correspondence course of security in computer systems and networks provides special knowledge about attacks from the Internet in seven months in addition to a general introduction. Who brings a real education and knowledge in the area of client/server technology, you can purchase Institute internal certificate of completion.

The distance learning course IT-security at the remote school Weber prepared in twelve months on the certification to the system security certified practioner (SSCP) and certified information systems security professional (CISSP). The participants on topics such as hardware and software security, cryptography, Internet security, forensics and data recovery. Overview of distance learning opportunities for IT security on distance learning company description the portal of distance learning is speaking most extensive information and communication services on the topic of distance education in the country and abroad. 2004 by owner Markus Jung founded, it contains more than 80,000 of almost 15,000 registered users, the in forums and Exchange weblogs about providers, courses, and personal experiences. “Distance learning current” newsletter provides industry expert young interested also by E-Mail with information about news in the market. The DistancE-Learning Forum distinguished correspondence course, with the “Publication of the year” award.