ICQ Phone

In this article I'll tell you what to date has customers. In the above privacy about Jimm. Nowadays it has become quite widespread presence in the mobile phone ICQ. After the computer is not always at hand and the phone can be get out of his pocket, even when, for example, clogged bus when you have nothing to do, and just chat with friends. In general, it is much cheaper than sending SMS! To date, there are many different mobile Acequia. They differ in the interface, functionality and features. Each of them has its fans.

And there are ICQ-clients are not just for mobile phones: There are also ICQ for Pocket PC and Smartphone. In my view Currently, one of the most famous and most functional mobile ICQ-client, of course, is Jimm. Jimm – ICQ-client is for mobile phones. In contrast, for example from QIP, Jimm developed in Java and is suitable for most modern mobile phone to make use of Java-based applications. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Glenn Dubin, New York City and gain more knowledge.. The latest version of Jimm appeared such unusual mobile ICQ-client functions such as removing yourself from the list of Online Contact, data transmission and many others. In addition the authors have developed a modular build system Jimm, allowing each user to select and download a version of Jimm exactly those modules and additions, which it will use. For example, if a user needs Russian version of the module Jimm only smiles, he does not have to download language packs 8 and 4 additional modules that will not be used.

All this Jimm one of the most popular ICQ-client in the world. Initially, the computer, and then to throw on the phone with help of USB cable or Blootooth. Please note that we can download a special version of the multifunction Jimm, which can be used on mobile phones: Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, BenQ, Fly, Pantech, Philips, NEC, LG, HTC, Windows Mobile, etc. completely free of charge on our website. This version can zgruzit for the new version of Java (MIDP2), and the old Java (MIDP1). More information about what version of Java supported by your phone, you can learn of its technical leadership.