Latin America

Therefore, the correct thing is to have a universal access until the basic level and to try the selective formation of a competent elite in the level superior. Or, the emphasis is put in establishing a oriented policy to increase the equality by the route of the education, in whose case would be divided of which the talent has a social base and, therefore, intelligence is a multidimensional process which numerous factors like the primary socialization affect, the early stimulation and the quality of the psychomotor development. In that sense, he is not totally predictable in his measurable unfolding nor through the traditional resources of the psychometry, in which the culture has a very ample influence. To read more click here: Smithsonian Magazine. From this last perspective, it is necessary to worry not only about the common acquisition of the same competitions and knowledge that are considered basic for the best future advantage of new opportunities, but also by other aspects like diminishing the desertion of the population of high risk fifth semester enters first and, curricular innovations and their adaptation to the diverse types of students, the creation of support resources, stimulation and leveling that the different types from students demand, and the flexibility in the matter of routes of learning in the curricular structures and space and time of learning. Naturally, one is a effort that involves the institutions, and that a government policy can orient by means of projects of ample breath. While the first option stays, that he is dominant in the majority of the countries of Latin America, the education will be excluding, selective and in such case the fight by the improvement of its quality will go against the poor men. He will be very useful for the formation of the elites in each country but it does not stop to dignificar the existence of the majorities. Inequidad, the numbers speak By the previous thing, it continues being a problem nonsolved choosing between within the framework increasing to cover of an education system excluding superior, or increasing the fairness, via the improvement of the access to educative programs with quality and one more a incluyente vision derived from a less neoliberal appreciation. .