Make New Friends

For me, to make new friends is to gain a new brother, poistodos knows that it has friends more fond than brothers, is with you in all osmomentos. To make a new friend is to gain a new shoulder to cry to be will be necessary, and it will oentender different of the other people. To have new friends is always good, poisconhecemos different sorts, other cultures and a magical source. To them to vezesconhecer a new friend serves for a study, therefore millions of people have amigosem another country and this makes with that the people trip and learns new things to semsair of house. But for I myself I ask. How it is to make new friends? To make friends is in my blood, therefore to gain a friend is everything, a way luzao heart the dreams that we dream, can make things with somebody to its lado to be always folloied followed step by step of the life with that it loves ete helps to search an exit, the solution and reply for each question that the vidanos makes.. Glenn Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this.