North Sea

Very british! 4. from Aarhus about Odense travel to Copenhagen rather than on a direct route over Danish highways always nice along the coast or through natural parks. Here already Hans Christian Anderson fairytale moments met and processed in his stories. This picnic route is the motto: always views offers a short stop and who are some delicious sandwiches (Smorrebrod called and served with many loving variations) has lubricated, increase the enjoyment by hearty bite to! 5. middle of the Norwegian Fijordlandschaft is not always time for a restaurant visit Fortunately! Because a snack tastes just yet even so tasty if it additionally offers a panoramic view on the sea, in the Heath landscape or on a fishing port. Route Tip: On the fjord tour so often it is alternative routes choose for example North Sea road instead of E39.

And be sure Kjotboller and Polse (meatballs and sausage) wrap up so Norway tastes! 6. when the route planning for Sweden plan stops in relation to the line. Enjoy for example by Malmo through southern Sweden to Stockholm and views of the typical Smaland red houses with white window frames. The Astrid-Lindgren-land in Vimmerby brings back childhood memories. A trip to oland is to the summer palace set iDEN duty for fans of the Swedish Royal family. Determines not only typical crispbread is handed in to the Castle Park snack, a tasty cheesecake belongs in every Swedish picnic basket. 7 Germany has countless wonderful spot. How about Heath with a vacation trip from Hamburg by the fish Becker detours on the North Sea coast and a trip on the glamorous Island Sylt? At the picnic stop unpack just not only sandwiches and hard-cooked eggs: fish specialities there are freshly caught from a boat and for dessert some Frisians cookies, to East Frisian tea specialities from the thermos and unique views of the sea.