Our Society

If they were not the difficulties, our society never would have evolved, mainly scientifically, and we would remain static with passing of the centuries. It is the difficulty that makes in them to grow, and our positivismo ahead of everything speeds up excessively our evolution. We must always be thankful. The simple fact to be reading this text already are gratefulness reason, therefore if we did not have eyes, nor this we could make. We have as much to be thankful. Unhappyly only we remember a thing we lose when it.

We complain of the lack of a member when we do not have it, we complain of the lack of the water when we do not have it, the lack of air we are thankful when we have everything this? It is important always to have the conscience of that already we earn of the Creator and to fight to brighten up the suffering of that they possess little that we. Our proper life already is a miracle, a basic Divine manifestation. It is enough to look at for the side and we will always see somebody in worse situation that ours. Then let us raise the hands for the sky and let us thank the God, therefore the life is beautiful, and truily to enxergar this, it is enough to change a little our way to look at the world. It is enough putting in them in the place of the other In this way we will only be being right with our Father, who in exchange for our life, only demanded that we helped in them and we treated in them as brothers, living in joined and positive way. Facing the problems, mainly those that we ourselves we create. Let us leave of side our craze always to complain, and let us fight to help. It did not obtain the car that wanted? It did not obtain the house that it desired? It is not in the adjusted job more to its capacities? Its head is less capable of what you? He is thankful what they have, before complaining what they do not have.