The Perception

Type of research the Setembro/2009 collects of data the exploratria phase occurred enters the months of Janeiro/2009, had been carried through five directed interviews the informing keys (on people the implantation of agricultural projects) and the data raised through a script approaching the knowledge of the interviewed ones on: – groups that were arguing and generating material on hortas organic in the city; – the availability of information of projects inside of this area; – the strip of land occupation with hortas; – interesting areas that could direct the research work; – knowledge of some organization of urban agriculturists; – delimitation of urban area with agricultural activities in the city; – relation of hortas pertaining to school municipal theatres. Later to the exploratria phase, it appealed? if still the accomplishment of three directed interviews, that is a model of interview structuralized in a form with opened closed and half questions, having for base the categories you managed pointed by the methodology of the Project. These categories are joint of interdependent processes, that when being analyzed and organized, can subsidize the control of the processes and the decisions in programs and projects. The objective one was to complement the collected information already in the first interviews with the projects of horta collective, as well as apprehending the perception of the involved managers. 3.2.Plano of action 3.2.1.Mtodo for analysis of the data In this article the analysis was carried through under two approaches: first, the categories had been considered managed pointed in Project (2005) e, after that, the analysis were carried through in more general way, retaking the quatros avaliatrios aspects raised by Aguilar & Ander-Egg, cited for Milk (2005). Category you managed: ' ' INTEGRAO' ' – It was looked to delineate which processes were necessary to assure that the diverse elements of the project adequately were related. It is composed for questions related to the development of the plan and operacionalizao.

Cultural Winter

Winter has arrived and still much to discover in London. Galleries and historic monuments of the Capital are infinite. On your next visit, don’t pass skipped the Wellington arch, a historic architectural landmark immersed in the heart of London of royalty and the Tate Britain, the British art world center. The guests can climb to the balconies of the Wellington arch and enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the city, obtaining a distinctive view of the famous Cavalry Household Cavalry on their way to and from the changing of the guard. The arch also contains three exhibition halls which documented its interesting history in depth.

The arch was built in 1926 as a grand entrance to Buckingham Palace by the West but most recently served as the smallest London police station. Most of the exhibitions are temporary but the Burton Hall, which lies in the center of the arch, hosts a perfect permanent exhibition for small dinners or joyful receptions. An adjoining room offers a space in that any drink before dinner, excellent for Christmas events, press conferences, product launches and business lunches. The Wellington arch is available for day and night bookings with an approved list of caterers and other vendors at your disposal. Save time and money in his visits to London with free entrance to the main attractions of the city.

Tate Britain offers visitors the opportunity to experience the artist Rachel Whiteread through a different medium. Though framed by its large scale sculptures, the artist passes a large amount of his time drawing and paintings of Rachel Whiteread show some exclusive works never before seen in public. Collages and paintings offer the audience a perspective of the work of the sculptor, providing a counterpoint to more mobile and intimate to his sculptures, which often incorporate a team of workers. However, the link between his sculptures and his works on paper is clear, since they share themes like the texture and the surface in addition to vacuum and the presence. The Museum also hosts an exhibition of Eadweard Muybridge which is exposed until January 16 that focuses on the innovative artist famous for his photography and also be tried for the murder of his wife’s lover; an exhibition ever seen in the museums of London.


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Young People

For those who are in the club forty and so many it is inevitable to touch, at any meeting of friends, the topic of children and telling anecdotes that although they may be entertaining, do not cease to worry us, because it’s our children, adolescents in this case, in whom we have placed all our hopes of changing the world or if you prefer a less ambitious goalensure that they are successful people, with full life. In the first article, we refer to the generational characteristics and their impact on businesses. Before continue describing how they are actually the youth of the Millennium generation, it is important to point out the structural changes that have occurred in families in recent decades. Amaya and Prado doctors stand out as he has been influencing the children, dwell time, shrinking, parents at home; from cases in which only are physically getting up and lying down, or those where the father constantly traveling and tends to communicate virtually, via the internet. Refer also to the nuclear family extended one where grandparents share with parents the upbringing of children, dysfunctional families where one parent renounced the upbringing of their children, divorced families and increasingly frequent cases of single parents. We could draw several conclusions regarding the style of parenting and the impact that has on their children; What cannot be denied is that all seek happiness for them, although we confuse sometimes terms such as security by over-protection, freedom with independence, when, in the latter, most know that being free means making decisions and assume the consequences. As mentioned in the previous article (() the Millennium generation, born between 1986 and 2006, is characterized by having lived through conflicts and shortages, having grown up in an environment permeated by violence which the media propalan indiscriminately, is a generation charged activities and distractions in addition to stress that generates them pressure from parents for fear that failure.) In another moment We will take care of describing, in extenso, the behaviors of parents and as they have influenced their children through generational changes. .

The Differences

If to look at our return, the differences are in all the people, the forms of learning, plurality cultural social conditions. We have that to debate the differences of the human being and the importance of if developing programs and pedagogical strategies that contemplate its specific necessities, as much the School as the pupils have much teaching in them. From each experience that will be shared and lived deeply we will be able to develop creative forms to deal with all the differences that surround in them. One another point that the much time if argues, in Brazil, that if the differences of income and chances between whites and blacks it is a race or classroom question, old said that ' ' mestiagem' ' it contaminated the Brazilian people with moral characteristics and intellectual undesirable, this racist way to understand the things was demoralized after Nazism and the question of the differences between the races passed to be interpreted in classroom terms, in this new vision it does not exist racial differences between the people and yes social differences of classroom. When the poor persons were less poor, when she had education and chance for all, the problems of income inaquality would disappear. In the modern Societies, the identities tend to be more confused therefore depend many times on the option of each one, as for examples: the participants of the movements of gays and lesbians what she predominates are the sexual preference, for the religious ones of determined groups, the main mark are the religion, for the professionals are the profession, for the movement of the blacks are the race, that identifies the people above all. To become obligator and official one of these possible identities can be a step in the direction to compel the people to assume an identity that they can prefer not to stand out, why understands that its introduction in the society will be given for other ways. .


Very probably I wrote down, them while some manager of success heard or read. From then on, I applied a critical look to this material, decided to carry through a free translation and some adaptations of these tips, weaveeing, for each one of them some commentaries: 1 Is fast in the answers: The rapidity in the answers decides much thing and, depending on the manipulated number of information, daily very difficult to place in practical (and this has a great linking with definition of priorities, but this point already is another subject). However, the extreme speed in all the answers, can seem a strategy evasion e, in other cases, important points can not be considered, simply for wanting to be fast to use the idea of ‘ ‘ it is not more with me! ‘ ‘ At last, we must, before being fast in the answers, applying a well adjusted filter, in asking: ‘ ‘ I have all the elements necessary to give a fast reply that is not evasion and that it is considering all the points? ‘ ‘. Of another form, a fast reply with the objective to evidence to the involved ones that we are intent to the subject and that the definitive reply will be sent after that, also it can be a good solution. Stated periods need waked up. 2 hard Trabalhem: The tip is simple: ‘ ‘ Beba’ ‘ with moderation. To work hard is not synonymous to work the time all or to work very.

Coupon Advertise

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Stan Lawton

Initially, BookBinders emailed each offer to all members of the Club. As BookBinders has grown, however, shipping a complete list customers have increased. In an effort to improve profitability and revenue performance, Stan Lawton, marketing director of BookBinders, began to assess the efficacy that had marketing techniques in relation to the losClientes database. Due to the success of direct marketing with the techniques of RFM and its relative ease of use compared to other models of commercial approach, Stan decided to test the RFM model. Stan proposes to carry out marketing tests by selecting a random sample of customers in the database, to which they are going to offer new book titles, in order to analyze the response of customers to establish a model of response to the offer of the new book. The results of the response model will be used for the selection of customers which is mailed the offer. The clients of BookBinders database provides a complete record of each customer purchase history.

This includes time that lead as clients, the titles sorted by category, such as cookbooks and books for children. What is relevant for the RFM analysis is that BookBinders keeps a record of the number of months since the last purchase, the total number of purchases as well as the total of the money spent by each customer. With these three variables, Stan can easily test the approach that will be used for the implementation of the techniques of RFM. The offer: The Art History of Florence to test method RFM, Stan conducted a test. I had a random sample of 50,000 clients from the database of BookBinders. To select a random sample of customers, Stan could be sure that all types of clients would be represented there: both recent buyers and not recent, frequent and infrequent buyers and customers who spend a high sum of money in total spending.

IDS Group Acquires CAIGOS GmbH

With effect from the 1 January 2011 the IDS group of the German GIS manufacturer CAIGOS GmbH has taken over Ettlingen and Kirkel, 07.06.2011, IDS has acquired the shares in the CAIGOS GmbH to 100% with effect from the 1 January 2011. Richard Edelman is a great source of information. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of the energy industry. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Edelman on most websites. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of supply and waste management. According to common belief, future GIS-based solutions for the technical operation of the network in energy supply companies will play an essential and decisive role in the optimization of business processes in the network planning, network operation, maintenance and debugging.

The Companies will continue their work on the market in their existing working structures. The brand CAIGOS and the workings of CAIGOS has convinced us. We know about the efficiency and the importance of the market. Therefore, CAIGOS will act as an independent company in the market of local authorities and the supply and disposal”clarifies Norbert Wagner, Managing Director of IDS GmbH. New employees for the new solutions and technology integration have been set in the area of development.

If the current process information, technical documentation, management of service forces and the reference to the geographical location of all information in an integrated system available, our customers expect a significant cost efficiency. With the CAIGOS technology a significant technology leap the IDS group for the graphically-based network and network management systems. We are can offer completely new product features in the area of IT solutions for the supply of energy and other infrastructure networks” Norbert Wagner sums up the reasons for the commitment.

Safest Mounting Systems For Industrial Flat Roofs

WASI joins solar close partnership with PanelClaw WUPPERTAL, June 08, 2011 – WASI has signed a wide-ranging cooperation agreement solar, the business unit of the Wuppertaler Wagener and Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG, with PanelClaw. In this context, WASI is solar for the sales, project planning and installation of special support structures for industrial flat roofs of the US manufacturer outside of North America responsible. PanelClaw stands for the development of innovative and efficient Assembly systems, which allow very rapid assembly times due to less, perfectly matched components. The US company is already extremely successful with these solutions in the American market. PanelClaw is the manufacturer that has the currently most innovative Assembly systems for solar plants on industrial flat roofs.

Therefore we are very satisfied, that we could agree on a such a narrow cooperation agreement with our new partner”, says Thomas Fischer, head of the business unit WASI solar. We see the products from PanelClaw great market opportunities in Europe, is perfect with our strengths complement our international project experience, our know-how and our certified qualities. With this cooperation we have created the best conditions, increasing our market share in the installation of specialist roof systems.” WASI solar presents its extended range already on the Intersolar 2011 in Munich, simple systems secure Hall C4, stand 450 low cost PanelClaw has to the target set to make mounting systems for photovoltaic systems with the lowest life cycle cost. The products are characterized above all by a great simplicity: tailored perfectly to each other, only a few components that enable fast and safe at the same time installation of a photovoltaic system on a flat roof. The interplay of technology and aerodynamics allows installation of systems, without the technicians must penetrate the sensitive skin of the roof or damaged during installation. The load for the roof skin narrowed again be by the fact that extremely little needed workers for the Setup: Three people can install up to 160 modules a day.

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