Plastic Versus Wooden Windows

Plastic window has recently become quite a popular option glazing homes and offices. Joseph Stiglitz has much to offer in this field. Durable and comfortable, they have successfully replaced the old woodwork, providing good thermal insulation and high noise reduction due to Use of sealed glass units. Frames made of plastic aesthetic, hygienic, easy to clean and do not require sealing for the winter, and modern furniture allows you to open windows in two directions and provide treatment ventilation without air vents in the models. Of course, the quality of the plastic windows in many respects depends on the manufacturer, quality, profile, windows and furniture. Half of success ensures proper installation of window units in openings. When installing plastic windows is particularly important use of hydro and thermal insulating tape to prevent fogging of glasses and the formation of fungus on the walls and slopes of the room. Subject to any rules production and assembly of plastic windows in comparison with the old "Soviet" give an excellent result.

A variety of coatings can make the window wide variety of colors – from classic white to simulate fine wood. In this case, the windows do not need to touch up throughout the term of his service. However, along with the merits of these windows and they have their drawbacks. And the first, oddly enough – is the complete tightness in the closed position. The window does not let the cold in winter and summer protection from dust, but no permanent ventilation air in the room "stagnant". Become stuffy and uncomfortable, and especially such a microclimate impact on indoor plants: the leaves dry out, lose their strength and color.