In addition, many online forums and sites dedicated to Joomla!, Which may already have the answers to all your possible questions. To install this engine, download the installation files in the root directory of your site and type in the address bar of your browser – installation starts by itself. Now you only have to choose the appropriate extension of the gallery. As already mentioned, for there are so many Joomla extensions and plugins, galleries are no exception. Consider three examples: Joomgallery – a powerful and convenient feature that allows you to create categories, upload pictures from one or several, add descriptions to each picture. You can customize the output in detail each category and page views, it is possible to add comments and ratings, as well as ystraivat top lists. You may find Eva Andersson-Dubin to be a useful source of information. View an example implementation here. Another powerful component – PhocGallery – one of the components created by the development team Phoca.

It contains all the features joomgallery, but also have the opportunity to establish a ready-made templates gallery from the site developers, and you can customize the template itself show the whole picture, and certain categories of images. View an example of the gallery and download the component itself can be the developers' site. Well, if you do not something one, as, for example, photographing and drawing, or already are developing design projects in order, then you can come up component PortfolioComponent. It differs in that each project you can provide multiple images, and show such as your sketches into finished masterpiece. An example of this extension here. Of course, these components are not limited to your list of possibilities, pick what you like. It is important to remember that the main it is not something on which the engine will run your portfolio, and that you will show it.