Professional Exercise

Action that involves the freedom, the subjectivity, the intuition and the communication. To take care of implies, also, in intervining in the body of the other, in its proper space, either in the accomplishment of the direct care as in the indirect one. The objective answers to the given care must be searched in the expression of the customer, in its opinions and gestures, through the verbal and not-verbal communication (BLACKSMITH, 2006). To allow to be well-taken care of and to make possible an interaction, the necessary patient to feel themselves safe and to trust the professional. This reliable bond is dependent of the interpersonal communication, a time that we only trust somebody when we perceive coherence and constancy between what it says and what it makes (IT HISSES, 2001). Connect with other leaders such as Philo here. The paper of the nurse in the team to multidiscipline is distinguished for the possibility of the personal envolvement (ZANCHETTA, 1993).

For being a professional who keeps a narrower contact with the sick person, the nurse becomes more apt to create bonds and to develop interpersonal relationships. By the fact of in taking care of existing a relation between I and the other, in the nursing, one of these moments can be constructed by means of the consultation (PINK et al., 2007). By the way, to discourse on nursing consultation implies in mentioning the interactive relations human beings and processes. Through the relationship nurse-patient it is that one constructs to the base of the attendance and assistance given for the professional. the reciprocity of the patient in consultation is basic for its unfolding and the formation of the bond. The Consultation of Nursing is a privative activity of the legitimated nurse for the Law in. 7.498 – article 11, interpolated proposition I, alnea ' ' i' ' – of 25 of June of 1986, which regulates the Professional Exercise of the Nursing and establishes the nurse its activities with the individual, the family and the community, in domiciliary, ambulatorial, hospital level, or in private doctor’s office (BRAZIL, 1986).