Psychologist Robert Ornstein

These early experiments not they were very successful in virtue of which cut the corpus callosum had been partial and not total. In 1965, Philip Vogel and Joe Bogen surgeons achieved the first successful operation of brain sectioned in an epileptic patient, thus preventing electrical storms that develop in one hemisphere to pass the opposite using the bridge of the Corpus Callosum. Counting on the collaboration of epileptic patients who had undergone split brain operation, Dr. Roger Sperry was determined that the left cerebral hemisphere is responsible for the language, as well as linear, analytical and thinking rational, while the right has the creative function, integrative, emotional and spatial. 1975 Psychologist Robert Ornstein, on the basis of studies of Sperry, sets, in his book the psychology of knowledge, the basement of current knowledge brain to assert that you can measure and predict the specialization of the cerebral hemispheres. For more information see Celina Dubin. Ornstein says that the Eastern esoteric knowledge (zen, yoga, etc.) is they have focused on the awareness of the right hemisphere (e.g. alteration of heart rate through meditation). In sharp contrast, Western psychology has dealt almost exclusively with the consciousness of the left hemisphere, with logical thinking. To read more click here: Claire Larson.

In 1976 appeared an interesting article in the prestigious Harvard Business Review publication, signed by Dr. Henry Mintzberg; the article was titled planning in the left, direction in law; Here the author asks readers with questions such as: why some people are so smart and so clumsy at the same time; as capable of mastering certain activities mental, but as unable to dominate others? Why some administrators with large capacity for organizational processes seem unable to comprehend the scope of the philosophy of the company? Dr. Mintzberg clarifies that an individual can be intelligent and awkward at the same time because one side of your brain is more developed that the another. Book concert for four brains, the Mexican doctor Jorge Abia mentions that the ground of how the human brain is enriched every day, and emphasizes the complementarity of the two hemispheres, because even though the verbal information is generated more often in left brain, right brain prints emotional tone and nuance as important in communication as information transmitted with words.