Ruth Friend

It is that I never expected that they might not understand me and that happened. Michael Corbats opinions are not widely known. And said horrible things.–What is – Ruth also said us we said horrible things to us and not why I stopped wanting to your mother. I am sure that is it exactly the same with me-. At this point of the conversation they had already reached the area of the cabins telephone. People such as Maya Dubin, New York City would likely agree. Tati said goodbye to the doctor thanking him for his time and his interest and entered in one of them, while Ruth was heading to the laboratory so that they learned blood for DNA studies. Just ended, again where was Tati Habian more than three time passed from the moment he began dialing the phone of your friend and all that had been achieved was to hear the same message: Sorry, the lines are saturated. Try again in a few minutes.

Tati was starting to annoy you, when he finally noticed that the phone was called. Do-Caitlyn?-said Tati. -Tati? You’re your?-said her friend giving a cry of joy to hear his voice. I’ve been calling since I heard the news. First to the hotel, then to the Consulate and finally to the hospital, but I was always told that the lines were saturated.

You don’t know the joy that gives me to listen to you. Are you well?–if not. Yes.-gimoteaba Tati without to agree in their response. – But happens to you? You are wound? I have the feeling that these crying. Are you?-said his friend with scared voice. -If .no .If…-He returned to repeat Tati, at the time that long to cry. -Please Tati – implored his friend – don’t I have in this situation. I am about to enter into a crisis of hysteria. That’s happening? Talk to me please. Stop saying monosyllables contradictory. Tati was trying to talk to her friend, but the voice cut off by crying, not allowed him to form intelligible words.