Scientific Community

It is not a pacific or very acceptable alternation, over all for the scientific community that loses its status. Our work consists of a revision of scientific literature that corresponds to the objective to elucidate the kuhniana conception of science, through the three concepts that above we present, as to devir dialtico of scientific and paradigmticas communities, constructing the History of Science. Consolidated in the notion of auto-correctable Science, that is more critical and less dogmtica, in the mat of Karl R. Popper, we find Thomas S. Kuhn, epistemlogo that it published in 1963 ' ' The Structure of the Cientficas&#039 Revolutions; ' , of where if sobressai the concepts of Paradigm, normal Science and scientific Revolution. How much to the sobredita notion of Science, in which if it establishes Kuhn, it affirms Ncola Abbagnano (2007, p.159): ' ' Contemporary is about a conception of more critical or less dogmticas vanguards of the methodology …, is significant, either for leaving of the desistance of any pretension to the absolute guarantee, either for opening new perspectives to the analytical study of the research instruments of that the C. is read: sciences dispem' '.

To conceive Science as auto-correctable is to claim to certain mobility dialectic between diverse scientific communities that if alternate in the fashion of definitive scientific branch, until another theory, divergent, take it the priority. Then Science is constructed by devir dialtico of scientific groups that if alternate in the evidenciao of its research and theories, moving scientific history. Thomas Kuhn wrote in the Posfcio of 1969, to its workmanship, who we cite, on the scientific community: ' 'a scientific community is formed by the practitioners of a scientific specialty. These had been submitted to similar a professional initiation and an education, in an extension without parallels in the majority of the others you discipline. In this process they had absorbed same literature same technique and of it they had removed many of lies' '.