Simone Gromer

Managing Director Dr. Simone Gromer the dry, in the barrique wine Mitravelas estate, its fruity and complex bouquet rounded red berries and cherries with a soft touch of roasted (0.75 l 18.90 euros) is recommended for evenings in front of the fireplace. As a classical white Starter wine, the Creta Olympias drink Mediterra Vilana always good (0.75 l for 6.40 euros). With fish dishes, one of the finest dry white wines of Greece, the award-winning Biblia Chora Ovilos harmonises white, a blend of the Greek noble grape variety, Assyrtiko and French Semillon grapes (0.75 l 13.80 euros). Christmas dessert and strong cheese or simply as exclusive Digestif of Red dessert wine from Sigalas Mezzo Apiliotis fits with its bouquet of red fruits and sweet spices and a well balanced sweetness (0.5 l for 15.50 euros).

The new year is with a glass of sparkling wine Peloponnesian Tselepos Villa Welcome to Amalia, which is characterized by a spicy bouquet of nutmeg and citrus and white peach aromas (0.75 l 13.80 euros). “The gourmet under the heading olives & more” can be found: Puderfeiner coffee with mocha flavor, delicious olives and pastes, fragrant herbs in the clay pot, high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars and honey filled in pretty jars should be tested by field flowers, thyme, wild herbs and pine trees of not only to Greek yogurt, but also cheese. The 4-CD set sound of Greece with Rebetiko pieces ensures the right rhythm. Wine utensils and flavor bars exclusive brands of wine racks, locks, glasses, Carafes, corkscrew and many other decorative utensils in modern design from exclusive manufacturers such as Rosendahl and Carl Mertens, wine utensils “available. Who deeper inside want a taste of the wine world, should order an aroma bar for 59.90 euros. 12 flavors in one noble box train the nose, comprehensive information knowledge so talk wine shop in the future even more fun.

Available options are: oak scents of chocolate of cedar, red wine aromas of BlackBerry and violet, chocolate scents of cinnamon and white wine aromas of pineapple and lemon butter. Tip: An aroma bar is well not only as a gift, but also as a substitute for Scrabble game evenings. Orders via or call 01805-88 01 55. press contact and image material of Greek wine shipping e.