SME Performance

This the performance drivers and success factors are the company identifies, defines and especially optimized (indirect marketing). The motto: Strengthen strengths, weigh the risks. Each concept is a company-specific customization. External ideas, facilitation, coaching and training achieved measurable improvements in the company. Impressed by the commitment of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung the IMBEMA – consult supports the initiative happily and voluntarily. You may find Robinhood to be a useful source of information. To make the competition better known, the IMBEMA – consult has short time service centre for the region of Franconia.

Unfortunately, people live much too often desinteressierter and passive side by side here. Through the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies”, set the focus on the performance of SMEs. A nomination is an active sign of appreciation. A beautiful and much too rare gesture. Each performance is even more fun if seen, recognized and valued.

Only the companies that are most often called with bad news, namely, in all media, while the middle class is mentioned often as anonymous mass. But behind each company people, makers and models. The competition wants to express this. The Mittelststand is the mainstay of prosperity in Germany. The middle class often has difficulty in advertising to exploit its own merits and achievements. We therefore recommend: do good and let others in. Because a positive public image promotes the pride of employees, makes it attractive for potential professionals and executives, is confirmation of the previous customers and incentive for new customers. Especially for internationalization it has proved advantageous, if a company has a high degree of popularity combined with a good image. Up to January 31, 2009, the following outstanding companies of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the IMBEMA consult can be reported to appreciate their achievements:-outstanding company for the great “” “Price of the middle class” – successful entrepreneurs as entrepreneur of the year “-especially SME-oriented banks as Bank of the year” – above-average economically-oriented municipalities as a municipality of the year “for more details, also see.