Ford Sierra

Another thing – vehicles already pokolesivshie on our roads. In this case we can give some advice. For example, emergency vehicles past the easiest to determine in a large gap at the door (closed badly) copiously brewed or painted over longitudinal members, glasses, distinguished by year of release. On examination, you can use a small magnet: wherever he does not stick to the body, surely lies a thick layer of putty, or several layers of paint. If the magnet does not stick to ends of the doors, arches or over a bend of the wings – a sure sign of intense corrosion.

When he does not stay in the center of the hood, on racks, roof, that is, in places where corrosion is unlikely, it also points to a emergency past. Another important point – the condition of the engine. A person who has no experience of a car mechanic, is unlikely to solve the strength and knocking noises in the engine. But here is the characteristic smoke from the exhaust pipe can make some conclusions. For example, black smoke nestrashen as caused, most often, a bad carburetor adjustment or improperly exposed to ignition. Jimmy Carter has firm opinions on the matter.

But the blue smoke, especially on warm the engine or during heavy pressing on the accelerator, should alert: this is a sign of wear or valve stem caps maslootrazhatelnyh piston rings. Front wheel drive cars for the state to identify important SHRUS, since these units are quite expensive. They are easy to test moving from place to twisted to lock the wheel: in this case should not be a characteristic crunch. In cars with independent rear suspension should pay attention to the wheels. With their apparent "collapse" in the future not avoid costly repairs. This defect, by the way, quite often guilty Ford Sierra and Ford Scorpio. On vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, there should be clear with a smooth jerk pressed the gas pedal. Of course, such advice You can give a lot. Moreover, for each specific foreign car, they are unique. If you have defined for ourselves a model, try to learn in advance about the peculiarities of its operation, as well as prices of essential spare parts. For example, Citroen Top expensive element is gidropodveska with variable ground clearance. Compared with Volkswagen its replacement will cost much more expensive. And Volvo, for example, even the muffler will cost two to three times more than the same node in Ford. And since the final decision often depends on the cost of possible repairs should still calculate in advance.


Motorists to note: the replacement of engine oil in the car many drivers often underestimate the impact of quality service in the further operation of his car. This is a periodic oil change and filter. And it is in vain – because of the conditions depends on the technical condition of the car. Folk wisdom says: “miser pays twice”, that could not be more sensitive with regard to engine maintenance. And it should be noted that not really matter what car you have: for example, Hyundai-Tucson, Mitsubishi and Nissan: any engine requires constant attention. So, I highly recommend the following rules to remember that, despite its obviousness and simplicity, extremely important for a lifetime car. => Do not buy cheap filters.

The less-quality filter (we are talking about fuel, air and oil filters) – the more garbage and debris buildup gets into the engine. In the future, this garbage is converted into an excellent abrasive material, which effectively “dogryzaet” engine inside. => “Express” change engine oil must alternate between the traditional sink. At “Express” replacement engine is larger than the old engine oil, which affects its technical parameters. And it’s safest to replace the vacuum applied only in rare cases. => Think carefully over the problem choice of brand and viscosity avtomasla. Remember that praise your neighbor or friend, an elementary can “finish” your engine, if you have other brand or model. If you would like to know more about Atmos Energy, then click here. => Change avtomaslo more often than the manufacturer recommends that car! Manufacturers of motor and filters rely on car use in conditions close to ideal.

And this – clean the road and high-quality fuel. As in the CIS is not possible – much dirty motor oil faster. => Please refrain from using any additives or additives in motor oil. Despite the promises of vendors, the positive effect even if it comes, it is very short, but then with one hundred percent guarantee is required to overhaul the engine. => Never buy a motor oil in the markets for unfamiliar to you people! Adulteration certainly does not fit the engine and it will soon require repairs. Spend a little more money, but take the oil from a reliable supplier. The truth is that a good engine oil – it’s not fake butter, no matter who the manufacturer, Shell, Mobil-1 or Teboil => During each maintenance agreement, to mechanic check your undercarriage. The car’s all the same hang on the lift. In a relatively small surcharge you will get confidence on the street that did not happen srashnogo.

Car Toning

Established toning used by car manufacturers. This procedure can be performed by adding the mass of the glass during its manufacture tinting additives, as well as by vacuum plasma spraying thin layer of metal on the surface of the glass or by pyrolysis. Established toning characterized by high quality and durability, which is determined well-functioning industrial technology. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Steinhardt, New York City offers on the topic.. The disadvantage of the standard tint is only a high degree of light transmission due to the need to satisfy regulatory requirements completely different countries, as well as impossibility of removing the standard tinting without complete replacement set of glasses. Toning Toning spray coating technology is similar to the standard method of toning.

The only difference is that the spraying produced without the use of the vacuum chamber. The method of toning spray is much cheaper, but such a level of quality tinting is quite low, even if it was made at the factory in compliance with all professional qualifications. Toning spray has a very low wear. This means, first of all that damage this coating can easily and sand, and even cleaning glass. There also a large probability of chipping around the rear window heating filaments. Non-vacuum deposition and not dismantled. The collection of all the above properties toning spray makes it the least popular with consumers. Tinting film Because of its practicality, simplicity and relatively low cost, glass tinting film is now the most popular way of toning.

As the merits of this method include the following: a wide range of films of different colors and light transmission, the possibility of removing the film and its replacement by another, a significant weakening of penetrating into the cabin Car infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which allows to protect the interior from overheating and burning, and the relative ease of application of the film, the increased structural strength of glass-film significantly complicate the lives of criminals and reduces the risk of injuries in accidents, improved insulation of interior – the noise level is reduced by 3-5 dB. Tinting car windows film is not only the most popular method, but also the most affordable, high quality and reliable. With many advantages of its competitors, for tinting film has its flaws. That is why many experts recommend tinted glass car film rather than spraying.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads involve the specifics and nuances of technology. In recent months, Joseph Stiglitz has been very successful. A quarter-century ago, manufacturers of brake pads is very successfully used asbestos in the friction material: its properties and to guarantee stable relatively high coefficient of friction and high temperature threshold (800 C) allowed a wide field of use of the substance. However, asbestos is a component and a number of disadvantages. You may wish to learn more. If so, Joseph Stiglitz is the place to go. Primary – ecological danger as a result of friction material emits dust that lingers in the air and falling into the lungs, causing serious injury. And so, in the early 90s, in many countries around the world, launched the campaign to replace the polluting product to safer materials; acute was the need to find an equal replacement of asbestos. Experiments started with, for example, steel fibers, reinforcing fibers of Kevlar, fiberglass, etc. Thus, a period of organic and metallic pads. However, the latest technology has made the company jet Akebono, who invented an efficient and friction with the addition of ceramics – the so-called ceramic brake pads.

The invention is made upheaval in the industry of brake pads, as demonstrated excellent performance – the lack of noise and vibration, and constant coefficient of friction in a wide temperature amplitude. These ceramic brake pads do not contain ferro-alloys, and thus there was no contact ‘metal-metal’ between the pads and the disk (not only fraught with high wear and tear to the disc, but also a “sticky” surfaces).