Policy One

It has day that Police station of Policy in great city more is put into motion than stadium in championship decision. The press arrives to work and it does not know for where to start, visa the number of occurrences. Of the one to even choose which fact more it will be worked, either for the proper day, in the case of the radios and TVs or for the other day, in the periodical case. Histories of shoot outs between policemen and criminals always call the attention, to the times for violent uncurling and others for unusual facts and that later they turn reasons trick between the policemen, as he is ' ' causo' ' of today. The Police Planto is agitated in that morning An exchange of shots between investigators and suspected had occurred to be thieves of teipes of cars. One of the defendant was imprisoned and an experienced transferred policeman, but without gravity, the shot made right in the leg. The strange one was that the corporation colleagues were not rebelled.

In contrast, some formed grupinhos and laugh at the situation, but they moved of subject when some reporter if approached. They can to believe, but until has one 15 years, exactly in the great cities, as Capital or Campinas, was possible to make a police news article with more romantismo, different good of the scenes of pure and explicit violence very explored nowadays. I found odd the fact of a policeman admired for excessively having been transferred and exactly thus its friends not to demonstrate revolt and wanted to know history more than. Glenn Dubin, New York City recognizes the significance of this. I ask daqui, I ask from there, I listen to a version here and another one and then I am there knowing that the policeman had been reached in the behind part of the leg during the persecution to the suspected ones.


The love. The love. Here it is the love People exist who had left to believe it for thinking that it is the perfection. for thinking that perfection is the abstinence of defeitos.TERRIVEL DECEIT! The love is simply to like them defects and to pardon the errors of a person for not obtaining to live without it. Sequoia Capital is often quoted as being for or against this. It is to obtain to smile after one day difficult only making this happy person, to suffer when this person cries and to act as an idiot to obtain please it. Each one has its proper definition of ' ' love perfeito' ' , they imagine one biotipo singular inexistent in the hope of some day appears. But when it arrives, we see at last that it is not nothing of what we desejavamos.

It is only it. Full of concerns and problems, but exactly thus it smiles when he is of its side. the worse one of everything It is that it arrives suddenly. It kisses you and vc make a thing that one day swore that never it would go to make: entega to it in a gold tray its heart. Veze it makes this with only one to look at. It leaves in them blind and lost for a few seconds and later it remains there in its mind and its heart. You feel yourself different, but she has led, but glad, she sings musics that you nor lembava that she existed, you feel will to jump and to cry out for everybody: ' ' I AM AMANDO' ' when everything that you more want is to be close to this person vc feels sliding will to its meeting. Now I confess: I discovered the meaning of the word love when I knew a person full of defects and everything that I more wanted was to be close to it I discovered the love when I pardoned the errors of a person for finding that my life would not have felt more if it was not with me. I discovered the love when finally I obtained to smile for a person without making any esforo.e the only thing takes that me to be certain of this is because today I feel will to cry out: ' ' I AM LOVING! ' '

Being Happy

Formation, professional success, perfect love are objective in diverse phases of the life. However, in this constant search, adversities do not delay them to appear and the concessions that we make are minimum. Thus, the moments are multiplied where we have that to demarcate our position and to make to be valid our reason. Reason.

We have if it well-known, transfigura it comfort of that we are supplied. If we have to strengthen this reason, if we have to prove it, denotes the fragile quo it is. It is better to be happy. To be happy we have to search motivations that neutralize feelings of anguish and lack of north. At many moments the reason that could be the anchor must be left for a posterior moment. To be happy is now. It is better to be happy in detriment of the reason.

If to keep the reason, but supported for the doubt and discredit, better are to lose it and to cultivate the interior peace. To be happy is decision. When deciding to be happy, the individual must camouflage or ignore some reasons and, also, liberate pardon. Who wants to prove that it is provided with reason and it keeps rancor is losing the chance to make of serenity its fort ally. To pardon is more important of what having reason. When desiring to prove its positioning, uncovers that to be very authentic it is to expose themselves excessively and to become vulnerable? to discover that it is not important in all the places and for all the people. She is necessary to be convicto of that its reason can be reason for does not outrem, therefore, imp it can place it in an unstable land, provoking misfortune. Better not to have reason! In case that the statements of this article cause fidgets, refutations, all good. I prefer to be happy!