General Principles

Technical, the declared, if fulfilled measures in adjusted way, can diminish the possibility of future ambient impacts and improve the quality of life of the population of tormentor. Moreover, I believe that the judge was very happy when using the term ‘ ‘ recovery of rea’ ‘ , therefore, as already commented in the second part of the work, to restore an area it is a difficult task, still more when it has masonry constructions in the place and demolitions are necessary. Being thus, I find valid to conclude that although to be difficult to attribute costs to an ambient damage, given that it is improbable that if obtains through any financial effort to restore an area and to leave it as before the impact accurately, the beginning of Polluting agent-Payer can be a good tool for the handling of degraded areas. Moreover, it is an interesting principle when one is about the internalization of the costs. Thus it is possible that the pollution has a effect in the pocket of who is not only pollution, but who is buying a product that in its process of production polui. 4. John Blondel has many thoughts on the issue. Bibliographical references? FRANK AIR. (2004) Principles of the environmental law.

Brazilian History

Second suaanlise, the history of Brazil ' ' if it confuses with the history of the leg of the ox. OBrasil was busy throughout five centuries, quiet, for the olharbovino and inclemente' ' (MEIRELLES SON, 2006, P. 160). The same if afirmarquanto to the history of the cattle Brazilian can be, of some form, the history of the devastaoflorestal. Parao grass of some sets of ten of thousand of reses, an equal number or, in muitoscasos, superior of trees of primary forest needed to be pisoteado pelaestrepitosa and ubqua marches bovine. As well as it happened in the Caatinga (sertosemi-barren northeastern), Atlantic Bush (coastal area sudestina) and Closed (Brazilian Center-West), comes happening in the Amaznia. Canary Wharf shines more light on the discussion.

According to Meirelles Son (2006, P. 160), ' ' What the decade was witnessed after in the Brazilian Amaznia de1960 the mere continuity of the expansion of cattle bovina&#039 was; '. Noobstante, the author defends the idea of that cattle bovine, of a economic devista point, has not been an income-producing business, exactly for the capitalist; nor ambiently sustainable, for the set of the society. The nAmaznia deforestation is made (to a large extent) in function of the advance of the cattle bovinaextensiva, without, however, to correspond its incomes (almost sempreinferiores) to the investments initially used (MEIRELLES SON, 2006). OInstituto of the Man and Environment of the Amaznia (IMAZON) denounces the baixaprodutividade in the cited economic, at sight activity that great deforested part dasterras was not become, stops beyond the generated profits pelaextrao of the wood, in productive area (MEIRELLES SON, 2006). In them author palavrasdesse, reads itself by the way: ' ' He observes yourself that instead of recouping suaspastagens, the farmers, independently of its size …, preferemdesmatar new areas in the proper property or to acquire farms in regions defronteira pioneering. He is cheaper! ' ' (MEIRELLES SON, 2006, P. representing 53%; to the step that asegunda and the third areas of forests and forest environments, of pressure human being respectively consolidated (19%) and incipient (27%), somamquase the half of the region living currently under some type of econmicaameaadora pressure of the ambient integrity (MEIRELLES SON, 2006).

The Attributes

For value we understand what they are moral and ethical, as well as the attributes that supply to the corporeal properties economic qualities. These corporeal properties have value of use and value of exchange, being that for them to exist is necessary raw material, applied work and commercialization. The nature in all its extension is the granary of where if it removes the necessary raw material so that something is object that it aims at to satisfy necessities of any order and commercial exchange. This granary already god samples of exhaustion and urgency of reevaluation of the methods used for the exploitation of its resources, and thus we cannot understand it only for its venal value, is necessary to understand its human and ecological value. Human value, I risk myself to define it, as value that have the life and the right of living, and ecological value what it respects the dynamics of ecosystems. Ecosystems that are interactions between all the beings livings creature. Perhaps, this agreement is not happening because the responsible ones for the application of certain economic system fear one ' ' onda' ' partisan whom she intends to take the power for itself or if to favor in order to threaten the monopoly of the power. When the movements ecologists nothing more intend that to acquire knowledge human being of the destructive power and the possibilities of ' ' salvar' ' what it is natural for ' ' salvar' ' of the extinguishing the proper one human being. Vesentini understands that the ambient crisis is a global fact that needs a new organization politics and until socioeconmica that is made use to minimize the ambient problems, but also understands that this bothers and until cause false impressions on the ecological movements that demand life for the planet and for the beings livings creature that in it inhabit.

The Ground

This spreading can be made in the forms where the involved secretariats in the project, to find more viable. Being able to use of medias such as: periodicals, radios, television channels of local senders, pamphlets, companies, and through proper pharmacies and druggists, posters and spreading in the municipal pertaining to school units. Most important it is that the information on the implantation of the project arrives at the greater numbers possible of the population. Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili may find it difficult to be quoted properly. CONCLUSION However the real objective of the implantation of the project PHARMACY AMBIENT POINT, is the formation of an ambient conscience in the population and the proper ambient preservation, presenting a simple solution and of low cost of implantation, for an ambient problem of the modernity, that is exactly contamination of the ground and water, for chemical products contained in medicines, preventing that thousands of tons of medicines finish for being discarded in the environment, without receiving the due treatment before. Another objective that we wait to obtain with the implantation of the project, is to awake the interest of other cities in it, so that it serves of model for the implantation in excessively. Also we feed the hope of that the good course and functioning of the project, become it law or federal resolution, and if it spreads all for Brazil. Details can be found by clicking Smithsonian Magazine or emailing the administrator. In such a way we will obtain to prevent that a bigger amount of these substantiates chemistries, either irregularally deposited in the form nature to poluir our ground and waters. To supply a bigger number of information the responsible secretariats, on the consumption and the discarding of medicines in Brazil, and to generate statisticians on the question.. .


This vision of full fungibilidade mentions the possibility to it of the exchange of ambient goods for economic and social, enclosed conquests there, guarantees to the dignity of the person human being, guarantees politics and generation of job and income. It has a portentoso risk in this approach, the risk of that the goods can be fungible in its completeness, the risk of the exhaustion of the resources under gide of the development. The development is necessary and inexorable, as the liquidation of the social debit is imperious. In this aimed at, the fungibilidade of the resources can accepted if only be watched by the beginning of the prevention and the precaution. As the beginning of the precaution, that is permanently antecipatrio, any action, technique or method that generate ambient risk will have to prosper only after approved for deep inquiry technique that it certifies, with proven scientific security, that the risk is reasonable acceptable. In this manner, the exchange of the environmental resources for the development would demand test absolutely insurance for its efetivao. Not one politics of risk zero advocates this principle, it only demands that the had importance to the protection of the public health and the environment is given whenever the number of available scientific information is insufficient for a taken insurance of decision.

The beginning of the prevention, in this context, he is closely on the beginning of the precaution. Milar engloba the first one in as: ' ' The prevention for its generic character, engloba the precaution for its specific character. The precaution precedes the prevention, therefore its concern is not only to prevent the ambient damage, but over all to prevent the ambient risk. Which is quantum allowed? Which the limit of the exchange? The beginning of the information that it invokes the dissemination of the ambient education will be able to mitigate relative the inevitable risk to quantum fungible. The fungibilidade will be positive will have the support of the scientific knowledge and under incondicionada monitoring permanent of the principles of the precaution and the prevention, and more still, after ample quarrel, participation and vigil accomplish of the organized, informed and compromised community that will have to be capable to negotiate the limits. The social and economic development is necessary, however she is necessary to think very well before tolerating ambient losses, thinking not only about a perspective of centuries and of decades. The risks are many and will be always going up to around the planet. We are all responsible ones for the future generations, therefore, we must act with moderation, prudence and responsibility, in another way, the perspective of the disaster is real and previsible.


With the population growth and the consumerism, the garbage production increased 25% in relation to 18% of the population.

Seeing this scene the world has perceived the necessity to recycle or to reaproveitar these materials, that most of the time finish going for sanitary aterros and losing its utility. this aggravates the problem of the pollution to the environment and the ozone layer that is affected not alone by the pollution of the companies in the manufacture of products as for the millions of tons that we pour in air for the incinerators that we ourselves we manufacture. The recycling of the PET has been an example that must be followed by excessively pursuings of materials you recycle, even so already reaches 78% of the production of the substance cousin, it still can grow more with elapsing of the years. Official site: John Blondel Jr.. However still innumerable difficulties meet to recycle this product, as lack of incentive for the public power in the infrastructure of this process thus moving away the private initiative from this branch of so prosperous and lucrative business that is the recycling of the PET and the plastic. Logistic reversa was created accurately as alternative to these problems that as much harm the survival how much the existence of the humanity. Exactly being a new area of the logistic one, it already repleta of challenges is seen to be faced for the public and private power. The first challenge is these powers to assume the necessity of the performance in this area, that has grown disproportionately to the growth of the population..

The Perception

Type of research the Setembro/2009 collects of data the exploratria phase occurred enters the months of Janeiro/2009, had been carried through five directed interviews the informing keys (on people the implantation of agricultural projects) and the data raised through a script approaching the knowledge of the interviewed ones on: – groups that were arguing and generating material on hortas organic in the city; – the availability of information of projects inside of this area; – the strip of land occupation with hortas; – interesting areas that could direct the research work; – knowledge of some organization of urban agriculturists; – delimitation of urban area with agricultural activities in the city; – relation of hortas pertaining to school municipal theatres. Later to the exploratria phase, it appealed? if still the accomplishment of three directed interviews, that is a model of interview structuralized in a form with opened closed and half questions, having for base the categories you managed pointed by the methodology of the Project. These categories are joint of interdependent processes, that when being analyzed and organized, can subsidize the control of the processes and the decisions in programs and projects. The objective one was to complement the collected information already in the first interviews with the projects of horta collective, as well as apprehending the perception of the involved managers. 3.2.Plano of action 3.2.1.Mtodo for analysis of the data In this article the analysis was carried through under two approaches: first, the categories had been considered managed pointed in Project (2005) e, after that, the analysis were carried through in more general way, retaking the quatros avaliatrios aspects raised by Aguilar & Ander-Egg, cited for Milk (2005). Category you managed: ' ' INTEGRAO' ' – It was looked to delineate which processes were necessary to assure that the diverse elements of the project adequately were related. It is composed for questions related to the development of the plan and operacionalizao.