Article Directory

In this paper, we do not take into account sites that were created specifically for the sale of sites for placement of articles, they do not care what the quality of the hosted material, they take the artificial propagation and articles that contain the required number of key words, but with common sense are a complete nonsense, that is not written for people, but only for search engines. These options also have a right to exist as you can create a huge number of inbound links to your site with minimal cost, as unikalizatsiya article by means of special programs and do not have to pay for labor copywriter. Binding condition is to match the published article to the current legislation, for example, prohibited the incitement of ethnic, religious hatred, pornographic materials. Celina Dubin insists that this is the case. For serious websites, hosting feature articles in addition to its own content, in the first place is the readability and attractiveness to visitors. These sites value their reputation and understand that the reader, ran into a low-quality rewrite or even artificial propagation article forever lose credibility to the site to publish it. The article should be informative – the owner of high-quality site, hosted articles, it is important that the visitor will find the information he needs and will continue to visit this site. Of particular interest are the key to this article, announcement of various actions, events, discounts, sales, new collections and so on. It is recommended periodically carry out such actions, to create natural and newsworthy once again assert themselves.

Structure of the paper is primarily determined by the requirements of the site where you place it. Many sites placed severe restrictions on the size of the article, usually 2000-4000 marks the number of outbound links and their locations. For the searcher normal value of 3 outgoing links to an article in 4000 characters (links should lead to different pages of your site), but some directories are restricted to only one article made by reference to or govern the place where it should be (for example, the first two paragraphs). This is because the specialized sites directories such as white papers, torn between the need to publish a large number of outgoing links (as they are, in general, and are designed for this) and the preservation / improvement of their performance indexed. The natural value of the incoming and outgoing links for the site is 1 to 10, ie, placing a single outgoing link, you must provide 10 sites linking to you. To article directories is a relation of course, can not be done, but in any case they try to publish articles with minimal loss to themselves. In the past, have been popular so-called reciprocal exchanges links, but search engines very soon “covered this shop, “and who publishes information on its web site in black directory sites or articles, that is, in this, where mandatory publication is to set the reciprocal link is risking not only get benefit to their area, but generally have banned the search robot.

Contextual Advertising

An important role in promoting competent site is contextual advertising. Since then, advertising was invented, there are disputes about its effectiveness. Surprisingly, it is that successful and long-proven advertising methods completely useless for the advancement of other projects. Gradually, marketers and advertisers have come to a conclusion about the identity of each campaign and the need for recruitment advertising sites for each project with maximum degree of individuality. But before the Internet and tools such content, as Yandex, Google AdSense and Begun, this individualization of advertising campaigns was a utopia. Internet has made revolution in advertising. With the advent of contextual advertising tool for targeted delivery of an opportunity to advertise only interested in the category of network users. Why is this important? If the banner is displayed non-targeted audience, your impressions go nowhere.

Suffer from three aspects: advertising space is engaged in waste, the customer does not receive advertising benefits, the very same Internet user with irritation staring at stupid, unnecessary he ad. It's quite another thing when your ad is directed at a specific target audience consumers of the product. It shows only those who are potentially interesting. For example, a user searches the network plastic windows – and offers him a contextual advertising business options, the user is interested in a particular brand of clothing – and sees the advertising, informing, where you can buy, and even at a discount. Advertising proposals are addressed only to those who are potentially interested in buying or ordering services.