With The Body And The Soul In The Balance

In pleasantly tempered balance, Eutony is the result of feeling bodywork. It is a State of well-being voltage, so the literal translation, which appear harmonious every fiber of the body alive, and every movement is. The Danish therapist Gerda Alexander has coined the word, and the exercises that lead to Eutony. The journey via three levels, skin, skeletal and movement through the body. Touching, breathing, relaxation of muscle reinforcement from outside, creating the conditions to compete their way into the Interior of the body.

This awareness is sharpened for the structure and cohesion of the skeleton. That for example every vertebrae of our spine be established among our. Or that our feet, on which we stand, ligaments and tendons from many bones and joints. Only if it is integrated in our imagination, it is possible the body without blockages and tensions, in a soothing balance of power to keep. Of course, this work will affect the psyche. This is the primary aim of Gerda Alexanders. One of their colleagues, Marianne Fuchs, also said that a differentiated body feeling strengthens the sense of self and self-esteem thus. The rest in itself is the basis for the development of one’s personality.

This is especially for those women of importance who have an ambivalent relationship with her body. Some are obsessed with their skin care, nothing is good enough, and each new anti cream from the online pharmacy must aging tried the same. The overweight to take at any price, and test all possible diet pills to lose weight hated. But even a naturally beautiful radiant skin and dream are no guarantee to be satisfied with his body. Eutony can represent a wunderbareren way to a more positive, more loving attitude to themselves. The doctor Volmar Glaser has, on the basis of Gerda Alexanders concept and in combination with Work of breathing and the Meridian doctrine developed from Eastern medicine, more effective exercises to the Eutony. Records Management Roadmap has firm opinions on the matter. He assumes that movement and breathing patterns are stored in the brain, and that blockages cause characteristic movement and expression deformations. Just the idea of a certain flowing motion, or a harmonic gesture, changed deepens the breathing, and leads to a before eutonen”State. With the help of breathing massage succeeds the therapists to give the body a sense of space expansion and to ease the blockade. The same provides the experience of the so-called Transsensus, the sense the body beyond borders. Eutony is something that sounds like in a State of greater sensitivity to touch, balance, and coordination.

The Enzymes In The Human Body

Enzymes are the basis of any life enzymes are the base of each plant, human and animal life it work countless thousand enzymes in the human body. In the biological sense, they are the absolute life, because they renew old and broken cells. They are immensely important in medicine, in the field of women’s health and skin care. In every living cell, produced proteins (enzymes) that resemble a catalyst, triggering chemical processes. Enzymes and enzyme are begriffsmassig identical to see. You can not separate substrates and enzymes in your definition, and they belong to each other.

The materials in which the enzymes trigger a reaction, called substrates. The nutrients converted by enzymes into building parts and energy. Toxins in the body are destroyed by enzymes, also protect the human body against pathogens such as bacteria or viruses and assist healing. Enzymes play the role of a chemist in our body. Remove chemical Metabolic processes, accelerate them, and control all processes in our body, that sustain life. Without enzymes, no human life is possible. Every single enzyme in the body has a specific task to perform.

All enzymes work incredibly precise. For example, some enzymes can perform simultaneous thirty-six million chemical operations. The enzymes represent an impressive composite system in each body, while they are lone. From protein, the human body itself produces the enzymes. If the body is harmless in the location, old enzymes are constantly renewed by him. When certain enzymes are missing, or a deficiency exists, this leads to unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health disorders. Only if the enzyme in the body be, can be a mentally and physically perfect life. Enzymes are the managers of our individual health, regulating the processes of the body. When we chew food into the mouth well, it sets Salivary enzymes, fei, and splits as the starch in the bread to sugar. In the stomach and intestines, enzymes in the digestive juices continue their work. Other enzymes decompose the absorbed fat in amino acids and fatty acids, which are transported through the wall of the intestine into the blood. Therefore, you can only lose weight and healthy lose weight if the enzyme in the body be. Each enzyme effective in the body only fits a specific substance (called a substrate), and changed it in a certain way. Only through the combination of certain enzymes in a single pharmaceutical preparation, it was possible that at the same time several enzymes can edit different sections of the substrate.

Fitness Through Proper Nutrition

These are the information you wanted to withhold from you. Why you you crazy explains who you want healthy food today I introduce the man you, who it claims it is Mike Adams of the United States. Mike Adams grew up as the son of a well known au, and thus also had access to all related medicines and doctors. For more information see this site: Cisco. At the age of 30 he was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. As a software expert and entrepreneur, he worked hard and so he not spared even by stress, depression and back pain due to lack of exercise.

Due to his illness, he looked for help and studied everything he could find on nutrition, health, medicines and food. Through his knowledge, he healed himself even with 32 years and henceforth became a textbook example of a healthy living Americans. He changed his diet, chose the right foods and avoiding harmful ingredients. If you would like to know more about ICAEW, then click here. As proof, he published his values on the Internet and wrote his first book about equally. Still, he studied the causes of Diseases, the natural food and healing ways. He Msgs now this knowledge of the world, in the form of numerous articles, books, and special topics.

He founded an online news source on wellness, nutrition and renewable energy naturalnews.com. His latest project was, a non-profit educational program that provides information about wellness, prevention, nutrition and natural health consumers the consumer Wellness Center. He called the health Ranger and communicated his information in a newsletter, but unfortunately only in English at his website. Mike Adams has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world with its information. He loves raw food, organic gardener and holistic nutritionist. Mike Adams eat no processed food, no milk or milk products, no sugar, no meat of mammals and no food with additives. He lives by a strict ethical code and practice the lifestyle he teaches. In Engalnd Mike Adams is known above all for publication and translation of his article by the Kopp Verlag. Actually, his latest work culminates in the assertion that you can tell also at any time for crazy, if you are interested in healthy nutrition. So on the hat. That this is not a claim but here read naked reality and what backgrounds that are responsible, in his ingeniously written report: info.kopp-verlag.de/… With sunny regards from the Philippines Gerhard Menje tropical fruits directly from the paradise of the Philippines more information blog you in my blog.FruitsfromParadise.com on Facebook at: FruitsfromParadise in Twitter at: twitter.

Managing Director

Torsten Rotharmel, Managing Director, Weber Shandwick healthcare Germany. The need for in-house understanding of new media and a corresponding internal coordination and consultation is significantly larger than expected. We must contribute therefore to ensure, within the pharmaceutical industry to create confidence and security in dealing with social media.” “Digital health: building social confidence in Pharma offers 10 rules of engagement” to develop guidance for professionals, the commitment in the field of social media by pharmaceutical companies and internal confidence for that. 10 Rules of engagement: Building social confidence in pharmaceuticals on the basis of in-depth interviews with senior executives of the pharmaceutical industry recommends the following strategies Weber Shandwick to help pharmaceutical companies to maximize their confidence and competence in dealing with social media. 1 Catch you small to start with smaller focused projects perhaps to corporate goals, news or reputation issues to develop a feeling for it, what works, how to win an audience and builds range.

Our interviewees confirmed that the start with smaller projects or pilot programs of the key to collect experiences and this security is obtained, to develop social media strategies. 2. Prepare himself before, but keep it flexible many interlocutors said that preparation is important to anticipate problems and to develop appropriate solutions. However, the interviewees as a precaution, significant resources in a mature warned buttoned-up”strategy to invest, there is the strategy in the course of the process changes and further developed. The respondents learned to constantly adjusted and adapted the strategy with the need for a specific space without binding expectations and laid down criteria.

3. Focus on the content, not the communication channel all you do offline, you can also online, so long as the content of the current policies and laws. Problems with regulators most often occurred when rules were not followed that also apply to non-digital communication. 4. Select the communication channels wisely some respondents colleagues who jump on the social media bandwagon, describe to just doing”to be.