The Zerotracer

The race takes participants in 80 days eastward through 16 countries and over 150 cities: Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Shanghai, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Cancun (UN climate change conference), Lisbon and Madrid are among the stations. It will ends on January 22, 2011 in Geneva. Before crossing the Pacific, reached the Zerotracer Shanghai on schedule and continued with 165 of 190 points from Germany and Australia to the top of the participating vehicles. So far, the team already won several individual competitions, where reliability, acceleration and top speed to the test came. In North America the teams in which they must demonstrate reliability, energy efficiency, practicality and design and safety of their vehicles waiting for more reviews. The team South Korea had to leave now due to technical problems the competition. You may wish to learn more. If so, My Money Group is the place to go. As the main sponsor of the Swiss team, Oerlikon solar for providing environmentally-friendly solar energy is responsible.

This electricity is generated by using of thin film silicon solar modules, which are made of non-toxic materials. For the 30,000 km stretch around the globe provide the Zerotracer with 2,400 kilowatt hours (kWh). The Zerotracer was developed by a team of four young engineers and designers who present innovative and sustainable mobility concepts with this and similar vehicles. Sustainable thin film silicon solar technology and CO2-free mobility solutions of the future here afford Oerlikon solar and the development team pioneered. The streamlined and futuristic Zerotracer is car and motorbike in one.

Ultimate efficiency, coupled with an unparalleled driving experience, which packed in an attractive design is the Zerotracer. Thanks to superior aerodynamics and highly efficient electric drive the Zerotracer is easier to get on tour than a Porsche 911: the two-seater is the fastest cars in the world in anything with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. At an average speed of 80 km/h, consumed the Zerotracer 4 kW power and achieved a range of 450 km. The body weighs less than 80 kg and is made of Kevlar composite material, which is also in the formula 1. “High-tech made in Switzerland” in addition to emission-free mobility solutions Oerlikon is strong solar for the Swiss high-precision technology. Carry the Zerotracer returns back to Swiss engineering and to high-tech made in Switzerland”in the world. As the main sponsor, Oerlikon instrumental contributes solar thin film Silicon environmentally sustainable technology from the Switzerland. As a technology partner, a torque drive system supplied Oerlikon Mechatronics custom-made transmission parts and Oerlikon Graziano. Electric motors, gears, and more come from Swiss technology company. We want to prove this commitment that a new mobility with solar energy is not only possible, but already today-everyday-use”, summarised Hamilton. Solar zero emission race for more information on the involvement of Oerlikon and the Zerotracer, see and. There is also given, when and where the zero marker in a city near.

Individual Cards For Jugendweihe And Confirmation Of

Jugendweihe and confirmation, a special celebration personalized invitations, greetings and congratulations to the Jugendweihe and confirmation cards by little Easter is over already the next big Festival around the corner for many. The Jugendweihe or confirmation symbolizes the transition from childhood to adolescence and thus the beginning of growing up. The festivities for this are individually aligned by the families and designed. with the meinDesign tool allows you personal card designs by for an individual party to succeed from the outset, the personal design of congratulation, greetings, invitations and thank you cards for this solemn occasion. Konfirmations – Jugendweihe cards many different motifs in the formats DIN are and A6 Hoch and landscape, as well as DIN long portrait, in editions of one to 500 cards to choose from. Due to the possibility of individual design, it can be widely used.

Whether as Invitation to the ceremony, thank you card for the relationship, or as a greeting card to the young people themselves, the customer can decide how he wants to make the cards and use. The offer of free to print 10 cards and pay only the shipping cost of 4.50 within Germany is particularly attractive. The maps can be created in 3 steps to the finished card in three easy steps. The customer selects the motif and the format. The sample text is replaced with the meinDesign Editor by the own personal greetings. Then, the finished card in PDF preview to view is available and can be controlled again. How to calculate personal cards for the desired copies. Get ready! Personalized card for any occasion with the meinDesign tool from not only personal Jugendweihe or confirmation cards can be created. Thanks to the wide range of topics for various occasions such as acknowledgements, invitations, birth/christening, birthdays, Each card becomes the individual greeting card congratulations, weddings, and the many possibilities.

In Malaysia

The main benefit for the customer is that the principle of securing high profits at peak through a Shari’ah compliant rate of the highest NAV (net asset value) for the investment strategy on a monthly basis during the total period of investment guarantees. This high-quality product extension is now integrated in the takaful product range of the FWU group. The management of the FWU believes remains one of the key factors for ease of process innovations and manages a Web portal (Internet-based life Office system FILOS FWU) for five years successfully, to make the process of applying for family takaful products as simple as opening a bank account or applying for a credit card. Markets of the FWU group in the takaful business in Saudi Arabia, the FWU-group has a strategic alliance with the national commercial bank (NCB), the largest retail bank in the Kingdom with a network of 275 stores, the sale of Islamic financial products with a customer base of Address 2,2 million people. Best Buy: the source for more info. NCB as well as FWU have a stake in the publicly traded Al Ahli takaful company, the takaful products offered by bank customers for the NCB. Dubai is the regional location of the FWU-group. In the United Arab Emirates the FWU has group business relationships with prestigious banks such as the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Emirates NBD, Mashreqbank, Royal Bank of Scotland, first Gulf Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). With the signing of distribution agreement with Standard Chartered Bank in October 2009 the FWU group commitment also in Pakistan expanded.

Standard Chartered Bank is the leading provider of bancassurance in Pakistan. More Bank distribution partner in Pakistan are DIB, which has just announced that it will expand its retail network to 10 more stores in December, Muslim commercial bank, Emirates global Islamic Bank and Bank Islami. In Malaysia, Bank is the regional distributor of the FWU in the Islamic.


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Chi President

The President of the Republic of China, not only a conclusion with respect to the previously carried out steps in connection with the mutual relations between each side of the Taiwan Strait drew summary after the opening of representative offices of the Republic of China in Beijing and the People’s Republic of China in Taipei after the opening of representative offices of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Beijing and the People’s Republic of China in Taipei, Ma Ying-jeou,, but was also a view to the necessary future efforts from including the upcoming visit of a KMT delegation in Beijing. The President of the Republic of China Ma Ying-jeou on June 10, said that the upcoming visit of the incumbent KMT delegation in mainland China will play a significant role in the further relationships between each side of the Taiwan Strait. The journey has top priority, because it is the first visit of the KMT in mainland China after the change of leadership in the CCP”, said Ma. Both sides need to Exchange in the last five years go through and discuss opportunities for future developments.” The President noticed this while he received a delegation headed by the KMT Honorary Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung. Speaking candidly Charlie Jones told us the story. The delegation, which will meet the new President of the Mainland XI Jinping during their visit from June 13 to 14 in Beijing, consists Wu from the KMT Vice Chairman Chan chuen-po, Hung Hsiu-chu and Huang Ming-hui and Su Chi, former General Secretary of the National Security Council of the Republic of China. Ma appreciated Wu’s meeting with Hu Jintao, the former President of the people’s Republic, about 10 days after his assumption of Office in May 2008 and described this visit as a set of common sound in the mutual relations. Since I took office, the Government of the Republic of China has a pragmatic approach by maintaining the Status quo on each side of the Taiwan Strait, which is based on the principles of no association, no independence and no use of force, as well on the Constitution of the Republic of China and the consensus of 1992. . For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin.

More Professionals Use Flirtfever

The career is now becoming increasingly important. Time to flirting and dating not remains often. Online dating portals such as flirt fever represent an interesting alternative to assume no time, going on the job!” Increasingly, working singles express this sentence. Successful working people are often single, because in addition to the time consuming and also very tiring job hardly any time or energy remains after work, to go out and meet new people. Even on weekends, work for the company are done often. Perhaps check out Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili for more information. Because working singles to spend their evening after a long day of nail-biting work but not alone, you can find the big love online on.

The benefits of single markets offers some advantages for singles who would not put her career on hold. Eva Andersson-Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. The most crucial factor is time management. If you would like to know more about Super Mario 3D, then click here. Online dating portals such as flirt fever access around the clock, that is, you can login there, when you have just time and inclination and must not stop at agreed times. In the age of smartphones, it is possible to retrieve messages on the go. This represents a tremendous relief, if you have no time to see his account from home”, a flirt-fever employee adds. flirt-fever successful single women and men gives the possibility to find a suitable partner with similar interests with whom they can share professional and personal success in the network. Many professionals singles have registered on flirt-fever and the number of new applications is growing steadily. With over four million members, the opportunity is great to find the partner for life.

Couples who know and learned to love have with flirt fever, report in the flirt-fever diaries about the beginnings of their relationship. Employed, self-employed or for student with flirt fever, see all facets of love! Contact: Prebyte media GmbH Friedrichstrasse 55 39218 Schonebeck + 49 (0) 1805 / 452 763 operates the Prebyte media GmbH with flirt fever one of Germany’s most successful single exchanges. flirt-fever recorded over 4 million users, in particular in the age group between 20 and 30, and around 1,000 new registrations. flirt-fever there on Twitter @flirt fever.

Quality Labels

Cmore – the quality label for successful communication success has a name: the Institute for coaching staff headed by Gabriele Masthoff, food, expands with cmore training for successful communication. C more list better – feel better are the success factors of communication. Head of the Institute Gabriele Masthoff conveys their seminar participants to sharpen their own perception to recognize their own strengths and to pick up other people through effective communication in their world. Cmore is an evolution of techniques from NLP (neuro linguistic programming). It disseminated the guiding principle of competence, confidence, congruence = chance. Sequoia Capital usually is spot on. The graduates of cmore seminars are competent with regard to communicative, have the necessary confidence and self confidence and are consistent in their verbal as non-verbal communication. In their daily challenges, so that their ideas can be implemented successfully in the deed, they create simple, elegant and efficient solutions. Cmore is aimed at Executives, employees, sales, training and coaching, and to all those who want to successfully communicate to achieve their goals. Gabriele Masthoff trains and coaches employees and executives of renowned enterprises very successfully with sustainable effect. She is cmore trainer of the first hour and represents the quality label cmore by id consulting Austria here in Germany. Information and contact: staff coaching Gabriele Masthoff half height 30 45147 Essen Tel: 0049-201-95979779 fax: 0049-201-7490749 E-Mail: Web:

SME Performance

This the performance drivers and success factors are the company identifies, defines and especially optimized (indirect marketing). The motto: Strengthen strengths, weigh the risks. Each concept is a company-specific customization. External ideas, facilitation, coaching and training achieved measurable improvements in the company. Impressed by the commitment of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung the IMBEMA – consult supports the initiative happily and voluntarily. You may find Robinhood to be a useful source of information. To make the competition better known, the IMBEMA – consult has short time service centre for the region of Franconia.

Unfortunately, people live much too often desinteressierter and passive side by side here. Through the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies”, set the focus on the performance of SMEs. A nomination is an active sign of appreciation. A beautiful and much too rare gesture. Each performance is even more fun if seen, recognized and valued.

Only the companies that are most often called with bad news, namely, in all media, while the middle class is mentioned often as anonymous mass. But behind each company people, makers and models. The competition wants to express this. The Mittelststand is the mainstay of prosperity in Germany. The middle class often has difficulty in advertising to exploit its own merits and achievements. We therefore recommend: do good and let others in. Because a positive public image promotes the pride of employees, makes it attractive for potential professionals and executives, is confirmation of the previous customers and incentive for new customers. Especially for internationalization it has proved advantageous, if a company has a high degree of popularity combined with a good image. Up to January 31, 2009, the following outstanding companies of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the IMBEMA consult can be reported to appreciate their achievements:-outstanding company for the great “” “Price of the middle class” – successful entrepreneurs as entrepreneur of the year “-especially SME-oriented banks as Bank of the year” – above-average economically-oriented municipalities as a municipality of the year “for more details, also see.


Due to the big success: Virtual Moose returns worldview Moose to the plush animal after the huge success that two years is just in time to the Festival. Internet users can now on / Christmas again funny and individual greeting cards with Karli, the Moose, send free. For all fans of the cult forest dweller, there are Karli now even as a plush toy to give as a gift. Karli is a cult: last year, our customers have sent more than 500,000 eCards with the popular moose. Therefore there are Karli this year for the first time not only virtual, but as a real softie”, so Stefan Mues, Executive new media at Weltbild.

In addition, more possibilities of electronic greeting cards available available to users. It’s believed that Michael Corbat sees a great future in this idea. The animated moose in your living room, snow-covered mountains or in the festively decorated Aquarium can be placed. Karli dominated Ostfriesisch over 15 dialects, like Bavarian, Berlin dialect or Viennese. In addition he wishes for the first time in English, French, Spanish and Italian Merry Christmas and a happy new year”. The great world Christmas imagery offers three million books, DVDs, CDs, toys, trend – and gift items find Christmas at. Facilitate the search for the matching gift Gift Finder: step by step to get closer so the right gift for all tastes, all ages and all budgets. On all Sundays of advent, sweepstakes surprises customers expect. Free additional service is traditional: who wants to let festive wrap his gift and deliver it to a desired address within Germany with greeting card. Orders which arrive until 22 December 24:00 at Weltbild, delivered before Christmas. This and other press releases of Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH you will find under: press/press releases contact: Nicole Brunner corporate Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH, Augsburg phone: 0821 / 7004-5557 E-Mail:

Online Dating – Women And Men On The Internet Find

The Internet has become one of the most important medium developed. In the network there is everything and womansplayground has implemented a specific business idea. The idea speaks of womansplayground many women and men from the heart. Charming women seeing younger men and open-minded men meet gorgeous women. The first flirt can begin about freely and with a free sign up.

For many women, the classic roles is a cliche and break this up. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Reddit. Just a great age difference between men and women is in many of the order of the day. That have discovered the media and almost daily reports of successful partnerships with big age difference. So, it seems that there is a wider acceptance on this subject in society. But most women have a hard time selecting a younger man as a partner.

Many people is still the image in memory, young woman leans against the strong shoulder of an experienced man. So it is normal for many women when the Man a young mistress but reversed they would never get involved with a young man. Self-confident women but different and just take the right to have a relationship with a younger man. In daily life, it is difficult to implement this, but for that the Internet offers a platform. On womansplayground, the age difference doesn’t matter and here can women meet men, who are 10 or more years younger than she. Men also have to meet women fascinating the possibility and to get in contact with them. Everything is free and there is absolutely no obligation. Are all open-minded and for many it’s fun again, that kribblen in the belly. So men and women can be found in the Internet to an online dating and chat there but can also flirt. It more can arise naturally, but this is due to the people even if the result is a solid relationship. Volkmar Schone for Womansplayground

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