The Featured

Human existing is a perfection to one, and an imperfection to the others. Human existence as leibhafte existence has share the fate of the spatio temporal material reality, and as spiritual existence gifted portion of the featured ideality and perfection. Human existence is this intermediate being, this inter-eat; human existence unfolds as a permanent synthesis from this tension between ideality and reality, between infinity and finite, between body and soul, between possibility and reality, between eternity and temporality, between generality and detail. This is human existence itself, opened the difference first of all and keeps apart in succession in which, by being on the other hand at the same time the medium, wherein the differents moments can touch each other and enter into a relationship or need to. How is this happening-in the ratio-bring? Answer: by the de facto exist. The fact that the man of conscious will, that he is. Man comes to this awareness of his being, so he comes in the contradiction, and therefore, if he accepts this contradiction, to passion. Man after Kiekegaard do not exist without passion, in a double sense: the man is embedded in an ontological difference of ideality and reality that is existentially experienced and man experiences this Eingelassen being as not the experience of difference not only thinking (as did the previous idealistic philosophy), but above all existing under a unit to make a synthesis.

Philosophically thinking in other words for Kierkegaard initially not more and not less than: take seriously in its contradictory existence. Think means: the contradiction of our own existence see and go after him, him going to the bottom. First and mostly however this contradiction is invisible, hidden, adjusted. First and mostly man roundly lives to things and goes on in them. He feels nothing from a contradiction. He enjoys the sensual life and the perceptual thing cover like a good meal.