The Scale

Do not be afraid, a change is a change and this is at best and thanks to yours evolution is already unstoppable, you subireis on the scale, and you acercareis you more and more in the spring. By the same author: Charlie Jones. OS extreme waiting for the spirit to joy and joy our and your. This darkness there are lurking, waiting for your fear and to act, in fact already does so, attempts to close ranks between them and you squeeze in many ways: one is the money, where it hurts you; Another is with subliminal messages of television for that not you little, so that you do not open your eyes, to go blind, and that you do not see the good that there are around your. This is why, so you must be careful and not leave you fool by what you offer, neither riches nor fame, nor power, nothing will serve you if you attached, does not deserve your attention. Thanks to no sleepers that are there in the world, your consciousness can transcend with your help, there is many people who has prepared this currently doing so come when you can help and if you dejaseis you now your work would be more easy. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to fight against everything that your surroundings and is normal and they have taught generations, but is what you create. Time to lift the veil of your burka and find for yourselves something else than what they now know. Get up and walk! If those same words I already use them Christ and you serve you, because you are dead in life and you have to open your eyes, get up and walk the path that you have in front of your nose and that you have been taught to not move forward, but as a child, we your brethren are to help you to walk.