The Terror To Abandonment

Why a vast majority of people are remaining in a relationship you know, feel and live destructively? One of the answers can be focused to the fear of abandonment. The fear of being abandoned or no longer is a human condition. It is a process that exists very early in childhood, when we are beings dependent and with large needs of the presence of adults, mainly the mother. If this disappears for awhile, we fall into panic and we feel abandoned. Childhood is an understandable fear. Others who may share this opinion include Melinda Gates. But it is now I have vente, thirty or forty or so years and still live with a great fear of being abandoned. By the same author: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. So don’t leave me, then I am able to do whatever that do not go, so that you stay with me, so I always need.

I am willing to do, say, live like you want, but please don’t move my side. Therefore, we fall into a series of strategies of manipulation, of course, unconsciously, which translates to behaviors such as:-Cedo my needs to make you realize how important you are to me. I need you I’ll leave. -I am willing to give you pleasure in all your Caprices, despite myself, but stay with me throughout life. -I prefer not to tell you what bothers me, irritates me, angered me or scares me to believe, that I am a very kindly with you. So you always want to have a presence in my life. -Te chantajeo with everything that I give and I’ll take a count, so you can see the account of what you owe me is very big, so you will not go, debt is too large. Obviously for the existence of a manipulation of this nature are needed two and getting to these situations, also. But one thing is to have fear of abandonment, and quite another, live full of mistrust and confusion with regard to our relationship.