Lena Klupp

In addition, a quick search allows a user friendly and uncomplicated finding of new acquaintances. Brand new 6-function is the daily. Daily, neu.de proposes six selected members that match the specified search criteria. “The great thing: parallel the proposed Member looks up the own person clicking both on the same day as the proposal in his daily 6 like me”, both will get an automatic notification. The easiest entry for a new acquaintance. A little treat at the end: The new, modern and fresh design offers even a very special news to its users.

To make his neu.de page even more individually and according to your own taste or the respective mood, the background color can be freely selected in eight colors. Hummer Winblad is often quoted as being for or against this. The new neu.de: Here you fell. Learn more at this site: Celina Dubin. About neu.de here you fell neu.de. Under this credo neu.de has since its inception in 2002 to the developed the single stock exchange of in Germany. With an extensive personal service and Neu.de guarantees serious matchmaking at the highest level of innovative technologies. In addition to hand-checked profiles neu.de offers a variety of search, help the singles to fall fast on Germany’s single market. With the title of best offer”, the Institute pays tribute to the high quality of neu.de.

The vote for the site of the year 2009 and 2010, neu.de was awarded as the best and most popular Datingsite. Neu.de is one of Europe’s leading providers of dating services since February 2008 to the French meetic S.A.. Members have access to over 42 million profiles from all over Europe. More information and press material: neu.de GmbH Lena Klupp marketing & communication manager Lindwurmstrasse 25 80337 Munich Tel. + 49.89.5529 714-28 presse.neu.de herzklopfen.neu.de

FiverDeal.de – The Slightly Different Job Board

Ask what you would do for 5 euros you time! “” FiverDeal.de offers you the other job board and asks the question: “what would you leave or make for 5?” A presence-based lecture to charge someone for you to visit, get tutoring via webcam, let your site, optimize or create website logos, let your homework make or write a poem just for only 5. “Should never offer your desired service, then a request instead of just true to the motto you’d do that for 5 for me?” a. There will be probably someone, which will satisfy your craving! How does FiverDeal.de work? Services which have been published at FiverDeal.de, can be ordered by anyone for 5. The order value of 5 will be paid via PayPal. World Bank Group takes a slightly different approach. Is the service is carried out, the provider will receive a credit of 4 and FiverDeal.de a euro as placement fee. After the service the customer assesses its Contractors (sellers), to allow it to help other customers at its decision and to be able to highlight the quality of the service. Do you have ideas or skills that provide added value to a customer? Are you convinced about you and your qualities? You want to make easy and fast money to? Then you found your platform with FiverDeal.de. Let’s not surprise you, but convincing! FiverDeal..

NGOs Fashion

“And we reveal in detail why these companies in social and environmental terms produce exemplary.” Shopping breaks in the partner stores GET CHANGED! GET CHANGED! presents also a network of over forty partner stores in the German-speaking world on the new portal. These lead mainly fair fashion in the range and offer holders of the so-called GET CHANGED! Card shopping concessions. Consumers can a GET CHANGED to an annual subscription! Card purchase and get a permanent shopping discount stores in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to 10% in all partner. Online magazine about fashion and sustainability with an online magazine offers GET CHANGED! In addition editorial information around fair fashion: GET CHANGED! reports on trends, events, fashion labels and shops, offers product comparisons (good guides) and portrayed an exemplary companies. Also, GET published CHANGED! regularly is a media show and background reports on social and environmental aspects of the global apparel industry. It aims to inform a fashion-conscious community about critical aspects and contexts of the global textile and clothing production. GET CHANGED! from its founding in the year 2011 to date behind GET CHANGED! The fair fashion network is the get changed! GmbH, which fair fashion has emerged from the Club’s network.

The entrepreneur Katharina Wehrli and the CSR consultant and researcher at the University of Zurich mark star’s initiated the idea in November 2011. Meanwhile, a team of seven for the content of the platform is responsible. First network fair fashion with a blog launched, followed in the second step the specialist portal GET CHANGED in January 2013. Business offering registered retailers and journalists information on fair fashion. Network and Koopeartionspartner the GET CHANGED! team is supported in the public relations of the Agency core communication in Frankfurt and in Design advice from Magdalena Schaffrin (fashion designer, co-founder of Green Showroom, Berlin) and Friederike von Wedel-Parlow (ESMOD Berlin MA sustainable fashion).

Journalists and bloggers, sustainability consulting, certification and NGOs are also among the partners of the network. Cooperation partner of GET CHANGED!, which support the development of professional and consumer portal financially, the Messe Frankfurt, the Chamber of labour of Upper Austria (consumer information), as well as BSD consulting.

Free Social Media Exchange

32M free social media exchange marketing has changed drastically their advertising behaviour by firms in times of social media.And companies annually spend millions euros for advertising on Facebook and co to reach vast numbers of people. To do this, there is now an alternative. This is called social media exchange advertising in the age of social media marketing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + which are mostly visited websites today worldwide. That’s why they are more than interesting for advertisers. Reaching millions of potential customers around the world with just one mouse click, when you book advertising. Advertising book is of course expensive on these platforms and still companies annually spend millions of euros for advertising measures on these platforms.

It is however different. The alternative is called social media exchange social media exchange provider work such as the well-known visitors Exchange pages. Only that in this case free fans, likes, follower and views exchanged. The principle of Social Media Exchange Marketing as the word Exchange suggests fans, likes, follower and views exchanged in these systems activated, so that you can win hundreds of new customers for its products or services in a very short time. The good here is that these systems are free and work systems as an incentive with points. The more points obtained from activities on the social media exchange systems more fans, likes, follower, and views you get on his own pages. The basic prerequisite is of course that one enters his pages of videos or Twitter accounts in the system and Bay points for the campaigns. 32M marketing Social Media Exchange is a German Social Media Exchange system and very interesting for advertisers from Germany. After free registration, you have the possibility of free many new Facebook fans, data getting Facebook likes, twitter followers and Google + 1. Here is info

MicroStep Industry Provides

“” Welcome to the forum for the metal industry Bad Worishofen, all good things come in threes June 2010 – “that thought the creators of MicroStep industry, and have more opportunities for the European industry to the portal for the metal industry and the initiative” now also the forum for the metal industry started. It is now a central platform for the exchange of information within the metal industry. Professionals and amateurs can here about all topics discuss metalworking, mechanical engineering, services, training, leasing and financing. The direct dialogue with the MicroStep industry may make team possible, where you can get tips for a good presentation, gets help when switching from advertising or questions of membership is of course. Skilled moderators ensure the integrity of the Forum and is available with help and advice available to the users. But the essence of the Forum are its members: people of the compartment or those the to the metal industry have written on the body are always have for questions and discussions and give the best answers and tips from practice. As portal for the metal industry is promoted in the Forum on the B2B the strong presence and cooperation of the individual companies and support in these difficult times of economic upswing.

Exchange Banner

Banner exchange systems can help to increase the number of visitors your website any webmaster create your own Web page is not difficult at the present time. Many programs and modular systems make it even beginners easy to make your presence on the Web. It is problematic for many but to promote your own website. A Web page lives of their visitors (traffic). This first no matter whether it is a private homepage or to a commercial Web site. First and foremost Web pages should be created optimized always search engines visitors via Google and co.

will later make up a large part of the visitors to a Web site. Many webmasters make also other media use over the long term and regardless of search engines to increase your awareness. The carrier used most commonly in Internet advertising is the traditional banner advertising. In contrast to link advertising, in which a text is linked, the banner advertising reached more attention, because here with Visual stimuli played will. There are numerous ways to diversify its Web site with banner ads, but only a few are free for the advertiser.

Many webmasters link your Web pages therefore together, so each to benefit from the traffic of the other. Here, the possibilities are only limited, because you want to shine as an operator of a Web page with your content and should disturb your visitors with too much advertising. This many webmaster rely on automatic banner exchange systems. The principle is similar to the manual link or banner exchange, except that here the Exchange banners on a single advertising space on your website will appear rotating. Thus, the own content stays clean and yet you will enjoy wide to spread his own banner ads. So for example VIPbanner.de allows free to display its banner ads on thousands of Web pages every webmaster. Bind an Exchange banner code on your website through the related advertisements be turned on. Growing the credit account (credit account for banner clicks) each click on the banner ads. The collected credits is used to display your own banner ad free on other related Member Web sites. The advantage of using a banner exchange system is clearly obvious:-provide an advertising space to get thousands ad space. -Audience advertising reaches people who have genuine interest – free reach advertising – statistics to check on your offer and optimization of advertising – fair system regulates the traffic between the Web pages – minimal administrative overhead – multiple banner formats through credits to choose social network interface photo-K – Fotolia.com to be long-term success with banner exchange, should be placed exchange banner always clearly visible on the Web page. This Creditguthaben accumulates faster and your own banner ad appears more frequently on other Web sites.

Facebook Take Advantage

Facebook offers high potential companies to become known by the users. Facebook is the communication platform No.. 1 on Facebook maintains one of the latest trends, exchange experiences about products and tips on where to find the best service there is with each other. People are online and on Facebook. With an own Facebook fanpage a valuable marketing tool and a unique advertising platform, which is worth to use it offers to companies.

It has recognized the media company from Dusseldorf. In city magazines ads, to make advertising for your company? Have posters printed with 20% discount campaigns and distribute in the city? There are many ways to make advertising for the company, but none reached the customer so quickly is as easy and inexpensive as the via Facebook. John Castle Castle Harlan will not settle for partial explanations. People are online almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Facebook. Thanks to Smartphone can be fast just in the subway or in the lunch break what to check, the Posted friends on their wall and what’s new. Why should companies do not use this for themselves? With a Facebook fan page, they have the opportunity to participate in the communication and to promote themselves and their product,”notes Thomas Engels, Managing Director of media company from Dusseldorf.

Just the way companies offers valuable opportunities to communicate in real time. Quickly, the hairdresser can announce that in the short term two dates have become free. Via Facebook, she post the message in just a few seconds and thereby increases their chance to make more sales on the day. By no other medium you can inform as soon their customers. The little flower shop can its customers without additional advertising costs, draw attention on his fan page, that the next day, all the Roses cost only half. Especially small businesses shy away from still the step to an own fan page,”so Thomas Engels, Managing Director of media company from Dusseldorf. But social media and in particular Facebook offers these companies a low-cost, effective, and valuable advertising platform. You save material and printing costs for flyers and posters and bring their advertising, offers, and discounts with just a few clicks directly to their customers.” Why not quickly and easily advertise? Why use as a supplement to your own website not the Facebook fanpage? The companies are wondering where your customers are? The media company from Dusseldorf has the answer: they are on Facebook.