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Thailand’s impressive underwater world on the Phi Phi Islands who visited Thailand, should in any case snorkeling go. The we thought us also, as we a day tour to the Phi Phi Islands at Khao Lak country discovery bays. The day began in the early hours of the morning and we were picked up at 05:10. It should turn out later, why you just so PHI had to get up early Islands for the PHI. But once we drove about 90 minutes from Khao Lak to Phuket, where we could make us a little stronger and were provided with biscuits, coffee and juices. Then we boarded our speedboat and the ride to the famous Phi Phi Islands and the Maya Bay began.

With this, 675 HP Plage speedboat we achieved on the way to Phi Phi Don after an hour our first snorkeling stop. Before we could jump into the clear turquoise waters, has been us explains briefly how to use mask, fins and snorkel right in the water and on the boat, so that even snorkel novice like me could enjoy this impressive experience. We got Snorkel mask, snorkel and fins, and then hopped on a ladder at the end of the boat in the refreshing water. It was impressive how many different fish we around the Phi Phi Islands could admire. In the most extraordinary colors and patterns such as purple, blue and green or black-yellow-white striped swarms pass in and among us.

After we had admired the underwater world and the colourful corals, which grow in all kinds of bizarre, about 40 minutes, the captain led PHI us safely to the next station of the Phi Islands. On a private beach was for us a delicious and varied buffet with yellow curry, fried fish, rebuilt Curry with nuts, rice and cooked vegetables. For dessert, there were still fruity melon and sweet pineapple chunks. After dinner, another highlight was the stop at the paradise-like monkey Bay”with white sand beach and an advertisement reminding clear water. The resident macaques can feed although like with bananas, but not like it to be touched. The stopping but it not, to engage with people. So we had two small visitors on our boat, which had disappeared with a banana and a small shower but soon. On the boat trip, passed cave large and small limestone cliffs with stalactites and a cave in the rock to the Viking”. In it are many swallow’s nests, the Thai care. A bit further we were again surrounded by rocks in a Bay of the Phi Phi Islands a little refreshment to take. The water there was saltier than the free ocean to jump because there less water exchange takes place – but what prevented anyone from the refreshing, turquoise sea. Outside the Bay, you could once again snorkel and admire many parrot fish, Barracuda, Red Soldier fish, cuttlefish and starfish. Typical of the Phi Phi Islands are pipefishes, which strongly reminiscent of seahorses. These are black and white, elongated fish with a red paddle that serves as a dorsal fin. The “last agenda was the stay on the famous Maya Bay, since the film the beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, attracts the tourists. Our tour guide made a small tour of the island with us, so that afterwards still time remained, to relax or to go swimming.

Double Standards

The new desire to fling portals – what is it, how should this be handled one Yes nearly no longer dares even to turn around. Because once wasn’t paying attention, it has happened: again a celebrity was alien and thus opens up Exchange of views the battle to the spicy affair. Because an opinion on cheating has almost everyone no matter what age and sex, no topic is amusant-reizvoll-spicy as the Fling. However, one wonders sometimes quite: this opinion is also always really personal? The opinion that it is in the silent and secret? Because it takes a look at the attendance and Member statistics page jump portals or contact exchanges once it seems not so unanimous BBs with the public opinion of the NoGo. But rather the quiet voice of the ever-popular double standards out sounds here very carefully, because Yes the almost dizzying numbers of casual dating portals need to come in somewhere.

And they have it in themselves and are becoming more and more. Click World Bank Group for additional related pages. Because more and more people every Age, looking to their appropriate adventure date of erotic art in virtual worlds and although anonymously but at least profess to be the oldest story in the world. Whether they therefore are the luxurious trend or not, may be then. But the fact is that you can only actually welcome the open dealing with our own wishes. Because every human being lives only once and you should this a life become quite so, it pleases one in every facet. Therefore, serious fling portals are certainly a very good offensive that can definitely make more enjoyable life. Finally you can there enriching contacts, perhaps even find yourself and even his most intimate desires. And this no one has a right to verbieten-this. Especially since there are thousands of reasons for a fling that make it maybe not sexy but yet understandable for some. -Graze, 23.05.

Every Tenth Single Man Wants Sex On The Beach

Survey of FriendScout24: single men crave holiday flirt / single women do just happy his Munich, June 21, 2012 in the holiday drive and flirting that belongs for the most singles together. So 45.6 percent of unmarried men looking for contact to the other sex in the most beautiful time of the year. After all, 23.8 percent are hot on a flirtation among single women. (Source: Hummer Winblad). For her top on your travel wishlist: Simply just happy its 48.6 percent of women yearn but only 37.9 percent of men. The difference on the issue of sex is similar: for almost every tenth single man (9.6 per cent), sex on the beach would be the perfect holiday experience. But only 2.2 per cent of the female singles are hoping for an erotic Exchange in the ocean surf.

These are the Central findings of a survey of FriendScout24, Germany’s partners portal no. 1, a total of 2,223 singles. The holiday season is the best time of the year. But while it for couples often of course is to pack the bags together, for singles, begs the question: with whom verreisaen? The good news: 80 percent of the singles have planned a holiday trip this year, according to FriendScout24-single survey. The majority of singles (34.1 per cent) will be alone on the road: 40.1 per cent of men and 29.9 per cent of the women ride unaccompanied on the holiday. In the price are also best friends, with 25.9 percent of singles plan their trip to summer 2012. Significant differences in the sexes in family holidays occur: only 6.8 percent of males and 16.4 percent of unmarried women want to travel with their parents or siblings. Then look at singles, to go with a travel partner agree to be the men and women that it would be nicer with partner: 85 percent of the singles miss it, to go with a partner in travel.

Berlin Wall – 50 Years Has It Been…

The construction of the Berlin wall anniversary of explorations on the 50th anniversary of the construction of the wall in August for the 50th time. What is still available and what tells us the building of the wall today? What has changed in the city after the fall of the monster? What perceptions and behaviours have survived the wall? A journey of exploration through the formerly divided Berlin. At HWVP you will find additional information. Soon the 50th anniversary will be commemorated of the structure, which divided Berlin into two halves. In Berlin, people from all over the world looking for traces go often remain behind in the dark. So also the individual stories of people in the cold war remain hidden, the background of the construction of the wall – two hostile systems in a city partly in a street.

Wall was not just a prisoner exchange at Glienicke bridge or escape in the balloon, but also the everyday life of the cold war in the city of Berlin: the cold war attracted, border controls became tighter propaganda more aggressive, the ways of the East West encounters more difficult. Everyday constraints played often in the everyday of people in the East a greater role as the missing travel opportunities. In the West, people desperate, that you could not see the members of the family in the other part of the city. In the 1970s, a “second wall’ was in their midst: the call of the GDR held many people to travel in the East, in the GDR, it was forbidden to maintain contacts with”Western people”more and more citizens. The Berlin agency “Berlin compact” remind in their guided tours on the fate of the people of the divided city, beyond Kennedy, James Bond and the spectacular wall victims. The leadership can imagine and walk the wall which meant the Berliners. Contact: Stefan Kniestedt c/o Berlin compact large Berry Street 49 10965 Berlin Tel 030 7853577 fax 030 78990187


In fact from the study on the PageRank formula, we can consider that each page has a reserve of points (PageRank) that can do some type of benefit to other pages for transmission than a part of it. Let’s take the example of the main page that managed to have a good PageRank, thanks to exchanges of links with other sites. Your pages you put a link from the main page can benefit from other Yes. Attention, the same rules apply: If you do lots of links, the proportion of PageRank transmitted to each of your other pages will be weaker. If you try to optimize your own site, avoid putting exit (towards other sites) links in your pages that have good PageRank, since an important part of your good PageRank will be extended and will not be transmitted to your other pages. Therefore, get in place a link from your home page to a page of links that contain outbound links. Nintendo will not settle for partial explanations. Conversely, you can also create your site in order to improve the PageRank of some of your pages.

For example, it is common to try to have the best possible PageRank of homepage. Therefore get a link to this, one on each page of your site, for example, putting your logo in the upper left corner. 7 Links from related web sites. Get links from related web sites can be a task more frustrating that you can try. They are very easy to find, but difficult to get links from them. To find related web sites, all you have to do is go to your search engine and type a word or phrase related to your site maybe your website is motorcycle Harley Davison. You go to Google and write Harley Davison bikes, and find pages related to your web site. After having done this, you have to contact owners of pages and somehow get post your link on your web page.

This can be a difficult task now that many webmasters ignore e-mail messages from people requesting links because they do not see it important at that time. Some other reasons could be that rarely they are online, or eliminate spam email, and sometimes erased your important emails in the process. Celina Dubin addresses the importance of the matter here. Important note: in the search for link partners don’t put your link in websites that have a PageRank of 4 or higher. If you connect with someone who has a row of page zero, this will not do harm to your page row. Only going to increase because you will find a link to your web site. Google does not take into account your links in turn to determine the rows in the page. Just look at how many new links you have. So if one day Google has decided to link to a web site that you just created and this web site has a PageRank of 0 and you have a domain that goes something like this: mywebsite.geocities.com is Page Rank queno will increase to the range of the Google page is 10, it is still put would be zero, because that would only have a back link. By an effective entrepreneurship Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article

Help Resin

This article is about softening with our water softeners have hardly any problems with calcareous deposits or lime deposits. You must descale your Kettle, Kaffemaschienen, etc. not so often. Our descaling systems are based on the principle of ion exchange resins, water softeners are filled with a special resin which take the lime and replaced it with sodium. The exact description of the ion exchange is now explained: the hard water flowing through the resin bed the hardness elements such as calcium and magnesium ions are extracted and replaced with other ions such as sodium. (Sodium is harmful to our bodies in any way) Refers to this process as lonenaustausch”. “The hardness elements are removed from the water, so that in the real sense of the word by softening water” can speak: the result is really soft water. Some contend that Records Management Roadmap shows great expertise in this.

In the process the magnetism, not the lime is extracted from the water but changed only the molecular structures of the exhaust. Also no longer is measurable, but still contain in the water. Only by ion exchange, the lime is removed also the water, out is rinsed then also through the drain in the regeneration. Regeneration we controlled an amounts raised, however always at night at 2 o’clock, so that you are in the daily flow of soft water available. During the regeneration is your normal raw water available. (You never be left without water) – regeneration material is high quality ion exchange resin, Lebensmittelbestandig. The regeneration of resin absorbs the aggressive hardness elements such as calcium and magnesium from the water and flushes it out again in regeneration through a drain hose. Regeneration: using table salt for regeneration.

Salt concentration 24%. The brine to be sucked in by water jet principle and by several rinsing processes again without leaving any residue. All other mineral salts dissolved in the water are untouched during the process, so that the water after the softening process, until on the calcium and Magnesium part is same as before the treatment.

Why Should You Write Women?

Why should you not go out and the women in really speak? Why should you write to women on the Internet – StudiVZ, MeinVZ, Facebook – the possibilities are still big? Yes – I also find it. But not all people see it so. “Women write is something for nerds!” Oh yeah? Why? I could understand it still mostly the people who would dare even like to put back a woman to write to – for fear of negative reactions to their environment but rather… If they would at least go out and in real life, women would attract,… but you don’t do that then also say such words.

Almost proves: who often, large and wide about others making fun, warrant just before himself (and the audience) that he would trust themselves not or even for something better is, what he is actually not. Write to women requires the greatest courage of a warrior – but it requires a dose of tenacity and fortitude, because terms like “Stalker” or “Nerd” can fall just yet faster than one would like. Who writes women however, can enrich his life so. But why I adore so write to the women? The Internet has a power I am firmly convinced that the Internet is – ruin slowly but surely many jobs simply because people used; the online editions of newspapers will eventually surpass the readership of the print version. And else: everything is ordered via Internet, it compares prices opinions brought up – the Internet makes all this possible, what you dreamed but long – and get it even in your own living room – I think it’s great.

Why yes, please – why should you can cope with not another part of life on the Internet–namely, the women know the learning? Years existing single exchanges but make it before, why would you not the one or the other woman (or the one or the other man ;)) know on Facebook or in the StudiVZ must learn? -You can order online even food – I mean there you may require to surely a strange woman which has cute edited their profile picture and made accessible to all? You could even go so far and claim the girls literally then call to write to them… To write conclusion women nothing bloopers, nothing strange, nothing bad assuming – on the contrary, it can enrich the life of a man – is he comply with the necessary rules and uses the techniques that exist. Here you can learn what conditions, rules and techniques there is: ‘Women writing on’! Pierre vote same _ Pierre vote same is online “Seducer be” and presented Advisor products since 2010 “Girls talk to”. His philosophy is to detach themselves from the prefabricated materials and techniques and to bring the own VerfuhrStil in each man and to develop.


To achieve green gold, the greenish color of gold, only silver is mixed with gold, but since gold and silver are largely mixed in equal parts, the gold content is low. An exchange of up to one-third of the Silver cadmium reinforces the green color, but softens the alloy. Next the purity: Gold is not automatically gold. In very few cases, gold is used in its pure form, because it is both expensive and very soft. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as International Bank for Reconstruction and Development by clicking through. Of course, some article in fine gold (which is almost pure gold) are made, especially some of the gold coins, but is pure gold for jewelry-making rather unfit.

So find out how pure is your gold? Typically, pieces of jewelry are stamped. This stamp gives information about the gold content, plus in some cases information about the manufacturer. And what does the stamp? There are two types of representation of the stamp of purity. Which is either value in karat or specified in per mil. Carat is the original designation, with 24 carat as Feingold (i.e. 999) and fewer carats the less just the gold content. With conversion to metric system also became Label specified in per mil (so parts per thousand).

Here the overview: 999 24-carat gilded (1000 parts consist of gold 999 parts) 22 k 916 1000 parts 916 parts (consist of gold) 21.6 karat 900 coins gold 1000 parts 900 parts (consist of gold) 21 Carat 875 (of 1000 parts consist of gold 875 items) 18 carat 750 1000 parts 750 parts (consist of gold) 14 k 585 (1000 parts consist of gold 585 parts) 9 CT 375 (1000 parts 375 parts consist of Gold) 8 k 333 (1000 parts consist of gold 333 parts) are the standard purity in the jewelry-making 8 to 18 carat, where 8 and 9 Carat is of course much cheaper as 14 or 18 karat (18 k 3/4 of the material are gold, at 8 k just 1/3) in Arab countries is also higher the gold content in part, also 21 and 22 carat can be found here. Also 24 carat coins gold is typically 21.6 or 22 carat, Bullionsmunzen. Now that you know how your gold recognize, can you find out yes maybe even how much you can get for your jewelry, or for your gold coins.

Wedding Rings For Him And Her

The wedding rings are worn today by the man and the woman. The wedding is coming up, and now the question is what wedding rings may be there? Wedding rings are exchanged for decades as a sign of solidarity. For this reason, it should be something beautiful but also something to do with quality. Wedding rings are the key to the eternal love and reason should wedding rings also last forever. There are wedding rings in the most diverse varieties. Barry O’Byrne oftentimes addresses this issue. The most engagement rings are made of gold, but there may be one or the other which does not like gold or just not so nice finds, so to get perhaps the idea to take a wedding ring made of Platinum, white gold or a plain silver. Wedding rings there are decades and exactly for the reason, tradition plays a big role.

Many do not even know that meant wedding rings only for women. Only in the inside also the men were allowed to wear a wedding ring. Already the people formerly wore the ring on the left hand on the so-called ring finger because they thought that the Lead wire from there directly to the heart and thus the eternal love is safe. The first rings of antiquity at the time consisted of bone or ivory and were only to the decorate the women thought. The couple wants to get married should wedding rings choose the more or less to themselves fit. You can leave any engrave his wedding rings with names and date or a nice slogan. But also a decorating the same would be completely sufficient. You can make your rings x any from plain to fancy. The taste may be expressed freely. However should be considered that the ring for the infinity stand and is not intended to be the replacement, the choice should therefore be considered fine. Alexander Lanew

Cheat Desired:

Playing the Angel-‘ Fischer Manns referrer receives the first minigame of the free browser games ‘ Dreambear saga’ a major overhaul. Playing the Angel fishing man friend”, the first minigame of the free browser games Dreambear receives saga” a major overhaul. In Exchange for magical spells flashes, power-ups help the fishing now. “Hamburg, September 19, 2012 in their mailbox reveals the players and players of free browser games Dreambear saga” currently on an extraordinary gift: five flashes of magic spells. The starting point for the introduction of useful power-ups, which are triggered by the flashes of magic in order to come.

They mix the mini games with funny effects mighty on. Courage to use of the little cheating is strongly encouraged! Because only who draws out all the means, will secure a place at the top of the world, weekly player high scores. Go Henk, its fishing luck the new tools to help properly at fishing. The higher the level of the player is, the more effects are available. Barrels and old shoes out of the water can be easily remove in order to have a clear view on the fish or fish the else dangerous swordfish and electric eels. The magical fish feed causes an overwhelming onslaught of fish and the ghost glasses promotes revealed hidden contemporaries.

A total of eight different power-ups can be used on the hunt after points. Those who have reached the eleventh level, Henk waiting in addition with a new mission: how to be in Baronien talk, small water dream creatures to be in his Lake home. But what is it about the rumor? Sally is visited to go the to the bottom, which is a true expert in the field as a dream animal saleswoman. Actually, she has heard something from the extremely rare creatures and has also a suitable apparatus for anglers ready, which absorbs the movements of the elusive creatures.

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