City Hall

The revitalization”of the Gallery of the City Hall in this respect presented a challenge because the sun protection system here just had to be adapted to the triple arched shape of the roof. Also, the character of transparency and lightness, which is caused by the glass roof, should be affected as little as possible. And: the Assembly had to like by the way all renovation work at the Town Hall Gallery, to be done during the normal opening hours of the shopping centre. Colt international chose two proven systems from the company’s own product range: solar C100p for the roof shading and solar C150 for the gable ends. In only three months, Colt international installed approx. 1,400 square-metres sunblinds on the glass roofs and about 120 square meters of solar shading fins on the glass roof gable of the South side of the building. Not all Roofs were covered with Sonnnenschutzlamellen, in the area of the cross passages areas remained unverschattet. “The so-called arched are not round, but consist of polygon kinked surfaces.

“Lamellar grids for roof segments the three long parallel rows of roof sections are so-called arched, that is to say, the buckles are not round”, but they are bent surfaces from polygon. Each of these areas was covered with segments from nine to eleven slats. It is extruded aluminum fins, which are about 10 cm wide. The blades are staggered perforated (Rv4-8), while the proportion of hole on the surface makes up nearly 20 percent. This perforation ensures a comfortable part of the review, from the inside to the outside: the fins look like a fine sieve, which prevents direct solar radiation, but dropping daylight. So, the effect of the sky transparency is largely preserved. Not all roofs were coated with sunblinds Aluminum fins are located on a transom / Mullion construction. For the mounting of the plate system on the glass roof, special studs were filmed, were attached to the tension Struts of the roof construction.