Birgit Wilkes

Prof. Birgit Wilkes Chief Judge, TH Wildau. In this round, the guests experienced news about trends and developments in the human-telematics, but it also positions were exchanged to controversial and much discussed issues that currently move and users. The solemn announcement of the winners of the Telematics Awards 2013 then was it so far and the event leader Udo Brand, which led as in every year, excellent through the event, announced the winner giving eagerly awaited for months. Chief Judge Mrs Prof. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin told us the story.

Birgit Wilkes, editor of the media group telematics, Katharina Klischewsky and Hans-Joachim Kamp of the Chairman of the Board of the gfu announced the twelve winners of the Telematics Awards 2013 which successively proudly steps onto the stage and received their earned crystal trophy. Even though of course only 12 winners could eventually return with one of the coveted trophies, the feat of all 26 nominated companies must be highlighted. This could be your solutions from a circle of knapp 90 Submissions qualify, which already represents a tremendous success. The full list of winners can be seen here. updated ranking in the TOP LIST of telematics as of Monday, the 09.09.2013 is updated also ranking in the TOP LIST, as well as of course after beginning full list of providers. Thus some of the winner could make a jump in the order considerably. Telematics award 2014, points for winning the Telematics Awards 2010 are removed from the list by the way, for the first time. Can be rewarded for ongoing services and ensure a current ranking. Telematics fulfil the desires of readers hereby, who had asked for a shorter rhythm. Telematics therefore opted for a validity of 4 years for points which are awarded for the profit of the Telematics Awards and user test shown in the provider list.

Exchange Cologne

From Sweden, Denmark, France, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium + known galleries are United Kingdom for Furniture classics be present local Cologne galleries boucherie, shape shape search, shine form, 6zip9 and Markanto indicating that Cologne see may be in terms of design classics! All these galleries and more about 135 renowned service providers will be in the auditions here, after the successful design of Dusseldorf last November their now well known regulars in Cologne can welcome Exchange. To many new prospects come from the Cologne area, also internationally the design perceived Exchange Cologne as elegant and promising fresh event more. Media partners and advertising: in addition to the Cologne Stadt Anzeiger is the city Revue Cologne with its design special room 5, retroStart (NL) and deconet (SE) platforms are Exchange Koln in use as an affiliate for, and during the design, in addition 1stdibs from the United States, an internationally oriented consulting and shopping platform for “the most beautiful things in the world”. eigenhuis, the largest Dutch institution magazine”, presents the 2nd DBK in its June issue the Dutch readers, in addition to set up targeted ads in art magazines and various regional and national magazines. The catalogue design with given Exchange Cologne, the dbkmanual stock appearing design for the 2nd and each visitor with the ticket, is a useful guide, it contains also the Exhibitor list and the floor plan in addition to showing off the design classics range. Advice: in addition to the wide range of furniture, fixtures and fittings, glass, jewelry and vintage design objects Dorotheum auction houses specializing in modern design offer + Quince tree to advice and assistance in the purchase and sale of classic * guide to the design Exchange Cologne: when: (Sunday) from 11 h 00 18 h 00 public day where: Mall of Coloneums, MMC building, at the auditions 1, 50829 Cologne GPS: von-Hunefeld-str. INFO: Info-FON: 48 555 entry: 8,-euros / person children under 14 in attendance ERW.

free including dbkmanual more information + images on under press E-mail design Exchange Cologne on Sunday for all visitors! Preview on the eve, special inlet conditions. Our complete press kit + we have provided lots of photos for you on! Call us if you want to know more! Jan Hare mountain: info phone 0173-71 48 555 Ute Mirbach direct: 0172-9531212 * also: Info/Directions/parking on * Cologne * DuSSELDORF 1 half of Cologne * 2nd half of DuSSELDORF! The year for lovers of design .neben of the design Borse Dusseldorf is shorter in winter there is the design Exchange Cologne in spring: next appointment in Dusseldorf: 14 design Borse Dusseldorf. 01/02 December 2012, 11h 00-18h 00. Flower wholesale market Dusseldorf (wholesale), Ulme RT 275, 40468 Dusseldorf design classics at its finest! 2. Design Exchange Cologne. 3. June 2012 auditions. From Bauhaus to memphisu0085