To speak of crisis is to promote it, and to be silent in the crisis is to raise the conformism. Instead of this, we work hard. We in one go end the unique threatening crisis that is the tragedy of not wanting to fight to surpass it. It is difficult to know if systemic solutions exist to do against a global crisis, since one systemic solution must affect the totality of the system, and that is as much like saying that there is to change the system as a whole. Nevertheless, yes that is possible to learn to perceive the reality like rather less more distressing, and on the other hand he is very useful, because of a glance nongrieved, is possible to design a mature and effective action. Quite the opposite of a which we would arrive by the way of the complaint, the surrender or of a fort and blocking feeling of victims. A long time ago I listened to a history: A good settled down man an important traffic zone of people, decided to install a chiringuito in which he sold exquisite sandwiches that the same elaborated. He tells that not oa nothing well, and also says that were blind, reason why neither it read press, nor listened to radio, nor he watched.

Its life was to sell exquisite sandwiches. They tell that the things went to him well and to the year to take with the chiringuito, rented to a land in which raised one bocadillera with a luminous signboard, and thus people bought more and plus her merchandise. He was in charge to scream to four winds: hot Sandwiches, sandwiches. Hummer Winblad has plenty of information regarding this issue. Its work increased, also its clients and their fame, which allowed him to buy a land better located and greater. Their sales were increased still more, as much that it decided to contract his nephew, an important industralist who lived in a great city, he helped so that to take it the business. When the uncle called to the nephew, this one responded to him: Uncle, nonlistening the radio, neither you read newspapers, nor you watch? We are crossing a great world-wide crisis, the situation is very bad, and still can be worse.

Immediately the uncle thought that his nephew could be right, since he worked in a great city, and he if he were informed through different mass media. Tiene to know than speaks thought the uncle. Immediately it reviewed its expenses, its income, bought less bread, it bought less ham, less tomato and less than everything. It stopped promoting its sandwiches and it extinguished the luminous one. Their sales began a to decrease. Finally hung a poster of is sold bocadillera. That one day called to its nephew and it said to him: Thanks. Thank heavens that you informed to me you were right as much. It is certain that we crossed a strong crisis. Or what is the same: to settle in a thought, ends up confirming it.