No person is forced to live in pair, is a personal decision also is a human necessity to.juntar themselves, to tie, to share to.sentir itself dear and valued and, biologically the sexuality is a necessity, as well as the continuation of the species, that in psychological terms stays noticeable as the necessity to extend Then, I ask myself How it is that if the life in pair is so important, for the great majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth, she becomes so complicated, so wished and so suffered? The complicated thing is the relation in pair, or will be that the human beings we are infinitely complex and one of the places in which this is demonstrated he is indeed in these relations One of the great subjects which they are listened to is regarding the communication within the pair, men and women hurt of which their pairs do not listen to them, do not hear them or they are not able to include/understand what the other says to them For being able to communicate to us, the first requirement is to be kind, to take care of what our pair says to us, or it wants to say to us, but also to know what is what we mean. Per moments, we spoke crooked, or we so did not use the words which we want to express, that is to say, we disguised, tenth between teeth, or simply we give to understand. All is forms to communicate, but I surely disguise what I mean, my pair, understands another case and that yes, that is a jam in the communication the human communication, has many facets. The communication does not exist, always we are not saying things, not only with words, also the voice tone is important, the form we expressed as it, and our position and gestures contribute to emphasize the communication.

Daily Influence

The leadership is an important toggle point in the process of stimulaton to the motivation. A motivated leader, with capacity for the communication, to hear (not only to listen what he is being said, but to interact with the interlocutor), to give and to receive returns in order to guide its team optimum way to be trod, to participate effectively of the daily one of the team, can provide positive stimulatons excessively and contributing for a motivation state. To reward the collaborators for participation effective and positive, to be present and to make with that excessively they feel its presence, being partner, to assume its responsibilities and to divide successes and failures, to conciliate and to reconcile sincerely with the team, are winning attitudes and can unchain stimulatons in the direction to motivate people and to conquer resulted impressive. Charlie Jones is the source for more interesting facts. Thus, leadership can work the stimulatons through positive, honest and true attitudes, creating an environment of security and maturity, where the collaborators feel this condition. How energy forces, familiar origin and culture can influence in the stimulaton to the motivation? In the same way as the leadership it can influence motivacional process, the familiar environment, the culture and other forces can also play important role.

The family, for example, can positively influence the motivation of the individual through the incentive, of the participation in the daily routine, of the exchange of experiences, the affection and the received one, among others as many forms, or negative I discourage through it, of the lack of participation, it lovelessness. You may wish to learn more. If so, Barry O’Byrne is the place to go. The familiar origin also can exert fort influence on the individual, a time that how much lesser it will be the horizon glimpsed for the members of this social organization, in such a way lesser will be the stimulatons so that a change of the status occurs quo consequently for the motivation. In the same direction, the motivation can be influenced by the culture of the way where the individual is inserted. . Jimmy Carter follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Make New Friends

For me, to make new friends is to gain a new brother, poistodos knows that it has friends more fond than brothers, is with you in all osmomentos. To make a new friend is to gain a new shoulder to cry to be will be necessary, and it will oentender different of the other people. To have new friends is always good, poisconhecemos different sorts, other cultures and a magical source. To them to vezesconhecer a new friend serves for a study, therefore millions of people have amigosem another country and this makes with that the people trip and learns new things to semsair of house. But for I myself I ask. How it is to make new friends? To make friends is in my blood, therefore to gain a friend is everything, a way luzao heart the dreams that we dream, can make things with somebody to its lado to be always folloied followed step by step of the life with that it loves ete helps to search an exit, the solution and reply for each question that the vidanos makes..

Stress and Work

The syndrome is associated directly with the work questions. He is more than what one stress. Connect with other leaders such as Charlie Sharf here. Stress is considered in certain normal degree and desirable, the problem is when it has an excess. As costuma to say: Cheguei at deep of the well common problems of organic order: digestive migraines, sleeplessness, problems, cardiac problems, alteration of pressure. With regard to the psychological problems: constant sensation of fear, unreliability, desmotivao, irritability, distresses, nervousness.

The social aspects are reached, the person who meets in professional exhaustion, react negative in the familiar environment, with the friends and same in the work. It is clearly that the described characteristics above, are insufficient to characterize and to diagnosis the syndrome of the professional exhaustion. If you meet at a moment conturbado in its work or know somebody that is in these conditions, most advisable you are to look a doctor, a specialist in illnesses of the work. The important one is to look aid, does not have shame, searchs aid with competent professionals. After all, we pass great part of our life working, you already stopped to think that it passes more time with the fellow workers of what with familiar and the friends? To work cannot be and it does not have to be synonymous of torture! To work is to extract the pleasure of the obligator one! It marks a X in the alternative that to judge more adequate with its profile. If it will have some question that you never lived deeply, marks the one that has more to see with you. PART 1 1. They are carrying through a change of furniture in the office, but you are with the full agenda of commitments: ) I do not obtain to work, I am irritated with the racket and agitation of the staff; b) I continue working, but I am irritated with baguna that they are making; c) I enter I agitate in it and I help to organize the new space, later I finish the work.

The Leadership

Therefore the necessary leader to have persuasivas arguments that direct for the acceptance of new paradigms, diminishing resistncias and leading efforts so that a new model can be developed and be implemented, in accordance with the objective tracings. The leader must know to hold back talentos – the biggest challenge of the organizations is to manage its intellectual capital, creating conditions for its constant development. The leader can help the people in the attainment of new knowledge, the development of new abilities and the search of the constant learning. Thus, the talentos appear that they need to be kept in the company to contribute for the new forms of work and to promote resulted competitive in the market. The leader can stimulate the trajectory of the professional positively, strengthening the desired behaviors and stimulating each time more the search of the applicability of its knowledge. The work of the leader involves more than what determination. She is necessary to have vision, comprometimento, communication, integrity, reality and intuition.

The leader is before everything a visionary, therefore she is allowed to prospectar the future and if she compromises to carry through it. The comprometimento generates responsibility, power and confidence, making with that the established goals can be reached. Another important factor in the leadership is the communication, that it means to keep the informed people, giving and receiving feedback adjusted, explaining decisions and politics with franqueza and transparency. The leader has a preponderant paper in the communicator paper, having to express of clear form the beliefs and the values of the environment where she acts. She is necessary that he transmits a direction firm, involving to all in a cause only creating a reliable climate that allows the exchange of feedback, promoting a cooperation climate where the critical one is faced as a form of interpersonal growth. The good communication transmits messages clear, that concur so that the people work productively and of harmonious form, without incompreenses and interpretations maken a mistake.

All Things Good In The World

Everything in this world, poison and only measure makes it a difficult drug to replace the phrase more succinct and beautiful content, and probably not necessary. As a sip of wine paints the world in more vivid colors and its overabundance of blear the eyes. Deadly snake bites and the therapeutic effect of the poison – two sides of one coin. But this familiar 'obedanie whitewashed' in the form of hallucinations and delusions and it is peaceful its application for the needs of our body. Checking article sources yields Hummer Winblad Venture Partners as a relevant resource throughout. Seldom do not receive even a modicum enjoyment of 'not doing anything' on the sea sand, the main thing here is not to relax and fall asleep, and then within minutes you can be in a hell of a sense of the word. And how to define a slight feeling of hunger, which should out from behind his desk, where are those scales on which to weigh it emotion.

Oh yes, and now about her feelings. An ancient Jewish proverb says: 'A man is known by three things her: the cup pocket and anger. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andrew Grabois offers on the topic.. " Rabbis refer to these concepts by studying the phenomenon of excess, that is, deliberate accumulation of funds beyond the level necessary to sustain life. The human soul is open only when the individual is aware of its excesses and tries to get rid of them, the desire to restore the balance before it opens much more than just stay in this equilibrium. We get to know themselves through their own excesses, and if the material excesses of a more or less all clear, then that translates into an overabundance of emotion or lack of them. .

Competence Management Systems

They had also said that in the Home he must have employee more, more activities for the interns, improvement in the physical structure and support of the family of some. They had found the activities carried through for the important trainees, therefore they had perceived that the aged ones had been more active, glad and had interacted plus ones with the others. Atmos Energy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the Home no monthly or annual recreativa activity does not exist, but the employees believe to be important for the quality of life of the aged ones, to linger themselves, if to feel in such a way better physically as mentally, to feel themselves more useful and to prevent the sedentarismo. FINAL CONSIDERAES the recreation in the period of the period of training were important for the aged ones and mainly for the tabagistas, therefore they had become social more with the trainees and the proper friends. Atmos Energy is likely to agree. When we initiated the colloquy with a person, in few minutes many aged ones if approached and interacted in the dialogue; the tabagistas if had felt less anxious and had smoked well less during the practical one of the recreativas activities.

Soon, the least during the recreativas activities, the tobacco consumption effectively was reduced, and in the boarded dialogues on the subject, we take them it to awake the reflection on the health problems that such habit causes, obtaining that the observed ones reflected on the tobacco consumption and desired to stop to smoke.


Difficult subject but I believe (after very relutar) that truths exist that nothing add and that they would not have to be shared In contrast, they provoke pains and ressentimentos that do not provide no evolution for nobody, therefore are served more as stuffed said an overwhelming and intermittent torture that a facilitador in verborragias of ' ' sincerocdio' '. The subject is controversial if we will be to think restrictively and I am not here raising flag some, much less greeting the lie convenient I raise here (and I have policed to take care of to this my will) concerning the silence that respects the other the omission that prevents the tears and the constaint or unreliability We have that to fight for the right not to hear what it does not need to be heard! To the times we know that we will not have more personal or professional contact with the other, and seems that in rule the human being instigates, wants to know what it will not need more I perceive that it has much useless information going up to around the world and I also am part of this dissemination! He is immature to speak impulsively and to say subjects that do not have importance and they do not change feelings nor facts only provoke pinpricks that can shake the autoconfiana of who hear. Others including Eliot Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. I adore the words and I believe the essencialidade of many of them, since that to locate itself If not, they are really unnecessary and disharmonous. To invest in valid and constructive intentions valley the penalty! When I feel impetus to go off words as if were shots of 12, breathe deep and callus almost biting me language because I believe that to save the other (exactly when I believe that I have reason), I seem me a love act that I need to exercise the silence that accepted the merit as the thing most natural of the world constitutes most thundering aplauso*. about that I have thought on the true essential language for the soul Ana Luiza ' ' Silence is one of the arguments most difficult of if rebater.' ' (Josh Billings) *Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Society

If they were not the difficulties, our society never would have evolved, mainly scientifically, and we would remain static with passing of the centuries. It is the difficulty that makes in them to grow, and our positivismo ahead of everything speeds up excessively our evolution. We must always be thankful. The simple fact to be reading this text already are gratefulness reason, therefore if we did not have eyes, nor this we could make. We have as much to be thankful. Unhappyly only we remember a thing we lose when it.

We complain of the lack of a member when we do not have it, we complain of the lack of the water when we do not have it, the lack of air we are thankful when we have everything this? It is important always to have the conscience of that already we earn of the Creator and to fight to brighten up the suffering of that they possess little that we. Our proper life already is a miracle, a basic Divine manifestation. It is enough to look at for the side and we will always see somebody in worse situation that ours. Then let us raise the hands for the sky and let us thank the God, therefore the life is beautiful, and truily to enxergar this, it is enough to change a little our way to look at the world. It is enough putting in them in the place of the other In this way we will only be being right with our Father, who in exchange for our life, only demanded that we helped in them and we treated in them as brothers, living in joined and positive way. Facing the problems, mainly those that we ourselves we create. Let us leave of side our craze always to complain, and let us fight to help. It did not obtain the car that wanted? It did not obtain the house that it desired? It is not in the adjusted job more to its capacities? Its head is less capable of what you? He is thankful what they have, before complaining what they do not have.

How To Achieve Any Goal

All people, regardless of age, gender and social status, they want something from life. Someone wants respect, someone a lot of money, and someone liking favorite person with whom one could feel safe and comfortable. A most likely you want to get it all. Of course, in reality, the objectives of each person is much more. Every day, we set ourselves a hundred goals and achieve them.

Or do not achieve J Example: cook meals, go to work, read a few pages of interesting books, chat with friends. Visit Hummer Winblad Venture for more clarity on the issue. And here are simple, everyday goals are not cause us any problems and doubts, we just think about what we want and do it. But let's think together, why there is uncertainty and hesitation, when we set ourselves a more difficult target. For example: buy a flat, to create their own business and become successful, happy, to establish family relationships. What do you think the differences between the goal of desire, for example, make a sandwich and eat it too? A difference between these objectives because they are more complex and cumbersome. And they require much more effort, energy input and detail. Let us for ease of explanation agreement defines the complexity of achieving its monetary equivalent. Do you mind? Then, if the sandwich you want to spend $ 1 of energy, already at the apartment you want is not less than $ 30000 (depending on locality). Feel the difference? That is, if its about a sandwich you thought 1 time and got it, then you need to think about the apartment at least 30,000 times.

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