Rethink the Christmas ' ' Christmas was not alone one day Nor also in Belm Who only receives the Eucaristia, Renews the Christmas tambm' '. (Fr. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Linux on most websites. Antonio Jose OFM) If to each we celebrated it Christmas with differentiated attitudes, as something extraordinary, with certainty it would bring ' ' Good New announced to the good will men ' '. The great problem is that the society has coisificado this celebration fraterna and in as many contexts, banalizado the true natalino direction. We long for peace, goodness, love, justice donation and ties fraternity. But as to reach them in a world so conturbado, whitened for the waves of the manifest violence in several facetas? That mritos we have to receive in our way a so great God, compassionate and complacente? Only being same the manifestation of much love to comungar with the man of the same relative condition to the survival. We receive a God boy happened from a humble, however virtuous family, born in a stable or corral in the extreme poverty, a total silence of a night dark.

He is contradictory, but full of meanings if to exceed the surface in search of the depth that of the outflow to an understanding of an unconditional love made use if to humiliate, if to verwhelm to save, to raise and to enobrecer the humanity. In that night the Light shone on the darknesses, the Sun of Justice shone (mal.4.2) and the star of Belm indicated the Good place of the new. still today, the Light, the Sun of Justice and the star of Belm are to illuminate, to shine and to indicate the signal of the Salvation, but the world in its materialism is always to reject given them the festive and consumista atmosphere assured by the transitoriedade of this life. Of that it forms then we have lived deeply the Christmas? It has a concern exaggerated in the people in arranging the house, painting the walls, preparing the environment for ' ' arrived of the ornaments natalinos' ' , therefore in the main night everything needs to be pretty for the supper in followed family of the exchange of gifts The store, building and streets seem surprising as much would illuminate and charming ornaments that despertam one pacific atmosphere even stops with the enemies, therefore everything seems magical, ' ' in that one noite' '. .