F o T o C e C and I – the direct, one-stage process of shooting anyone or anything. Portfolio is a model, actor, business portfolio, and so on. Checking article sources yields Joseph Stiglitz as a relevant resource throughout. The essence remains the same. II o p t r a n and the (English portfolio briefcase, a folder for important Affairs, or documents) – a collection of documents, samples of work, photographs, giving an idea of the proposed options, the services of the firm or a specialist (usually an artist, architect, photographer, model and others) Model Portfolio – a personal book of model, a collection of her best photos and promotional work, which characterizes the external data model, its ability to create different images, professionally trained. Career portfolio – it is a long and laborious work of photographer and model.

Portfolio consists of several separate photo shoots, done both in the studio and en plein air. The first part refers to the standard (Technical) "package" of photos, and demonstrates the external data model, so to speak "without retouching. This profile photos, full-length portrait in the face, waist, etc. made, usually in a swimsuit. The second series of photographs, on the contrary, is intended to show the best side of the model, and hide flaws.

This may be a shooting studio, with an artistic light, serves to emphasize the artistic abilities of man, his emotional component, and photography at the open air (with a winning background) shows all the grace and plasticity model. May be a third, and fourth parts, demonstrating professional capabilities of the model, measured in different conditions and with different attributes. It all depends on the purpose of creating a portfolio. In any case, more versatile than a model in the photos, the more photographically rich its portfolio, the clearly presented the image to potential employers. Alex Cross, a photographer