Relaxing Stay

Lovers of "coffee" is dedicated to art! Luxury apartments and a hotel "to-day" in Mariupol turn the ceremony of drinking in this elegant drink a true delight and will make your holiday unforgettable! But Interestingly, remember anyone of you day when he was the first time in my life tried coffee? There probably will be a little bit. That's what I tried, tried to remember, but does not work. It was definitely not a kid. Most likely, I was already teenager, and, in my opinion, the first test ended in my drink coffee beverages, and only later became a mom gave me this freshly brewed coffee. And all because of small children to drink coffee – not recommended. He too invigorates and improves the vitality (and have kids, as you know, and so it has more than enough).

But now we're not talking about children and about us with you – the people who know a lot about coffee and opt for comfortable holiday accommodation in apartments and rooms with private mini-hotels of "Housing Service. Remember the words of Mironov in "Diamond Hand": "I need to take a bath, drink a cup of coffee …? Hmmm, this is classic! So coffee has now become all the classic drink. A cup of coffee in the morning for breakfast for us common, but before … it was exotic. And discovered the unique qualities of coffee goats (yes, do not laugh)! One Ethiopian shepherd noticed that his players are fitter and more active when naedyatsya leaves with coffee trees. Columbia University may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Here were people of Ethiopia are currently leaves brew. And it leaves to the fruit they arrived a little later. In general, the method of trial and error, after many centuries the fame of the miracle drink scattered around the world.

Year of coffee as we know it today, is the year 1425. By the way, do not be so limited in outlook and believe that coffee – it's just chalking grain of Arabica from the plantations of Brazil, Poached and poured into a shallow bowl. Not at all! Even difficult to calculate how much you can prepare delicious, using a variety of coffee and how it can be. Espresso, cappuccino, lat, frappe, ice-cream, coffee with milk, and brandy, syrup, cinnamon, ice cream, cream, rum, whiskey, liquor … well, you can transfer an eternity. You do not know how this vkusnotischu do? Not a problem! Remove our guest apartments for rent in Mariupol and we are happy to treat you liked a drink from our coffee cards. As for the usefulness of the coffee, the representatives of this medicine are still arguing. In the East, for example, believe that coffee can cure eye diseases, to treat gout, dropsy and scurvy, and yet he amuses and accelerates human thought. In Arabic, "kava" – meaning "strengthen," "be active and strong." Some doctors believe that coffee cures headaches important not to overdo it with its use. In general, everything is good in moderation. And finally, a little chemistry. In 100 grams of coffee (without sugar) contained: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin PP, potassium, calcium and even iron. And in conjunction with holiday in our apartments and suites rented apartment in Mariupol, you can achieve perfect harmony between body and mind relax and just have fun.